PDI Competition NEWS

Hoping this finds you all well.

We have contacted the judges for the 3rd Advanced PDI and 3rd Club Intermediate PDI competitions and I am happy to say that they have agreed to mark the competitions from home.

This will start with the 3rd Advanced PDI, which had been closed for a while anyway. I will anonymise the entries and provide a scoresheet to the judge so he can score and record brief comments on each entry. I will publish the results along with the comments when this has been completed.

Since there is no rush, I will extend the deadline for the 3rd Club and Int PDI competitions to give people plenty of time to get entries together and then we will apply the same process.

I hope you will join me in thanking Rob de Ruiter and Daan Oliver for making the time to do this.

We are still looking at ways that we might complete the Club and Int Print competitions. It is unlikely that we can use actual prints due to the problems in handling them, but we are actively looking for solutions. Watch this space.

Many other proposals are being discussed so more updates should be expected.

Keep Well

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