Note from the Chair

Hi All,

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed the informative talk by Robert Pugh last night. In particular his explanations on how he undertook his shots, his use of minimal equipment and how he attempts to get the shot right in camera thus using minimal post processing. I will certainly be taking a close look at the Luminar software he was so expansive about.

Next week it is the 1st advanced PDI comp which will be judged by Paul Thackery, not Roy Lambeth as shown in the programme. Due to unforeseen circumstances Paul and Roy have had to swop places.

I am a little concerned regarding the current numbers joining our Zoom meetings as we have a membership of just over 130 and are only averaging 40-50 attendees. To help us understand why, Linda Bullimore,  our membership secretary, will be undertaking a contact exercise to try and determine any reasons why members don’t join. If Linda does contact you please respond to her no later than Friday 9th so we can understand these reasons and possibly make it simpler or assist if help is required.

Finally, and this is not a message I wanted to circulate but circumstances have defeated us, your committee have taken into account the current Government guidance, particularly the rule of six which is projected to last until next spring, and being very aware of the dramatic increase in Covid cases at present, we have no option other than to announce that as a club we will not be meeting at Tangmere for the rest of the 20/21 season but will continue with Zoom. We will of course be regularly reviewing the situation and should anything drastically change we will inform you all as soon as we can.

Please stay safe.


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