Next Monday Development session- bring laptops!

== Bring Laptops and some RAW images to Mondays session ===

Hi All,

The major part of the evening on Monday focusses on how to make your images pop. You will need to bring a charged laptop to the session, complete with several RAW images you might like to edit.

I’ve been lucky enough to have secured three advanced photographers, each of whom are willing to show you how they edit their images for effect. We will have seascape, portrait and landscape photographers – nay, artists – revealing all …… 🙂

The first photographer will edit one of their own images live in the session for 10-15 minutes. You are encouraged to edit your own image(s) during that time. And then you will be given 10-15 minutes anyway to do so using the tips and styles shown to you.

That whole process is then repeated with the second and third photographer. Do note that this is NOT technical, its not a ‘this slider does this and this slider does that’. Its independent of the software used and is more about how we as artists edit our images for effect.

So do bring laptops and RAW images! It might be an idea to have your best unedited seascapes, portraits and landscapes handy ….. You have been warned!

Any questions, you know where to find me – 07974 173345 or

Andy 🙂

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