News about Members

This pre-Christmas period has not been kind to our Members with three of them in hospital this last weekend.

Roger Pagram has had an operation to remove gall stones, but is now on the road to recovery.  Our splendid Treasurer, David Harris, fell from a step ladder and has broken his pelvis.  He’s in the QA at the moment but might need surgery, and which ever way, this is going to be a slow process.  Typically, he’s been thinking ahead to North Mundham and the financial matters that need dealing with and how much he can do from his hospital bed!  I know we all send Roger and Ann Pagram and David and Diana Harris every good wish for the Christmas season and a full and speedy recovery.

Our inimitable President, Jeanne Bevis is also in hospital following a fall in which she has broken her hip.  Jeanne is currently in intensive care in St Richard’s but apparently doing well as she is already grilling the doctors about when she can walk again.  All good wishes to Jeanne and her family as well for her swift recovery.

Jeanne receiving her honorary PAGB award earlier this year.

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