Multimedia Group

MultiMedia Group

The first meeting is this Wednesday,  26th September 2018 at 7:30 Tangmere Centre in the small hall (for more details please check the website: ).

The idea of the group is to encourage members to present their images in many different formats, such as Books, AVs and perhaps AV with video clips.

The common theme is about creating a coherent collection of images and then presenting them. The images may just sit well together or tell a story. Many of our members are interested in documentary photography and Books and AVs are an idea medium to present such work.

When embarking on such a project there are new tools to learn such as Book authoring software, AV production software such as Pictures2Exe or Video editing software for video clips. The group runs tutorial sessions to get you going and provides a meeting place to discuss projects, ideas and tackle any difficulties you may be having.

Time is available at each meeting for members to bring their work and receive constructive criticism.

The group can also provide guidance on constructing a successful Book or AV. With AVs, the use of sound, the timing and the ordering of the slides can all lift the final product. Books benefit from thinking about the layout, the font, the page colours and many other factors.

We hope to have speakers during the year to discuss their work and provide inspiration or education. The first meeting is usually reserved to setting an agenda for the rest of the year, taking into account the wishes of the group members.

The group is open to all, the cost to Chichester Camera club members is £3 and to others £4.

Look forward to seeing you,

Jeff Owen

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