Information on Triptych PDI Competition

Disappointingly, we cannot hold the Print Panels Competition this year, but we can hold a Triptych PDI Competition. This will be judged by Judge Jim Pascoe ARPS ABIPP on the 1st April 2021.

We would like you to upload 3 images at the normal size of 1600×1200 and one additional image which has all 3 images laid out as a single ‘panel’ image. The panel image may be a maximum of 1920×1200 all at sRGB jpeg.

The extra width (1900 instead of 1600) gives you a bit more width to lay out your panel/triptych.

Please upload your panel image as the first image and your three component images as images 2 to 4, so this is:

  1. Panel/Triptych 1920×1200 with Panel name
  2. 1st Image 1600×1200 any suitable name
  3. 2nd Image 1600×1200 any suitable name
  4. 3rd Image 1600×1200 any suitable name

It is important to realise that the judge will be judging your panel, the individual images are there to support the panel and allow him to look in more detail at the single images.

On the competition night only the panel image will be displayed. The panel image also needs a title (it is not strictly necessary to title the component images if you don’t want to, a simple 1,2,3 will do).

You may lay out the triptych on any way you choose, 3 horizontally, 3 vertically or a as shown on the featured image of this post.

Images to be uploaded to PhotoComp in the normal way.

Here are another couple of examples, note you do not have to use the full 1920×1200 if your panel design does not suit that layout.

The links below show you how to create PDI panels in various bits of software:




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    1. Hi Gary, this is a good question. You may use any images as long as they have not been used in previous Print Panel competitions, so images used in normal PDI or Print competitions, or Exhibitions are OK.


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