Graham hangs up the tea pot

Graham Walls, our long-serving and always reliable tea man (not to mention chair putter out in chief!) gave us some seriously bad news last night.  He’s retiring from his spot in the kitchen – and given how long Graham has done this for, and that as he puts, he’s not getting any younger, we can all understand why.  Firstly, we must give Graham our very, very grateful thanks for all those cups of tea and coffee which we so much appreciate.

Secondly however is the grave situation that we now need a new volunteer or there will be no refreshments for the refreshment break!  We need someone to keep the tea, coffee and those important biscuit supplies topped up, ensure there’s milk for the evening, that there are two people in the kitchen to serve, and to hand over the takings to the Treasurer along with receipts for expenditure.

Do please contact me if you (perhaps with a friend?) can take this on.


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  • Hi, I’m happy to help next season with the tea & coffees, Justin Hadley

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