Get Zoom Ready

While we are all locked down the club plans to make best use if its Zoom license to carry out online Club meetings, Groups and other activities.

In order for this to work effectively we need to ensure that all members have access to Zoom and are trained in using it.

Since by its very nature photography requires the use of technology (yes, even film was high tech in its day) and most members already have got to grips with photo editing, uploading and whatever, I’m pretty sure we can get you all up and running with Zoom.

Here is what you need:

PC or laptop (Windows or Mac), with a microphone and (preferably) a camera. Most laptops these days have built in cameras and microphones. If not a cheap webcam will do the job. Have a look at the Zoom documentation here.

Tablet, such as an Android, iPad etc. These invariably have built in cameras and microphones. See here for iOS and here for Android.

Smart Phone, iPhone or Android. The main issue here is the relatively small screen. See here for iOS and here for Android.

You need to install the Zoom software for your device and it makes sense to register with Zoom, which is free.

We plan to contact everyone in the next few days, if you have any issues we can find someone to talk you through the process. So watch out for follow up emails and possibly phone calls.

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