Spring Virtual Exhibition 2021 1st May – 30th june


Welcome to our  Virtual Spring Exhibition.

The Exhibition will be live on Saturday May 1st.

This exhibition features work by New and Aspiring photographers in the Chichester Camera Club.  The choice of work is entirely up to the participants and may include a collage of related images on a single large canvas or several individual images. This approach has encouraged creativity both in the images and in their presentation. 

It is highly recommended you take the guided tour which takes you around the rooms in order.  You can pause the  tour at any point and return to the tour  by pressing start in the menu on the grey background
Your mouse will allow you to enlarge an image 
The arrow key allows you to step back to view the exhibitors whole panel
After the tour you can return to a particular image by choosing it from the list of works.

Click here to enter exhibition