Epsom CC Invitation Challenge

Dear Members,

Hope you have had a good Christmas and I wish you all a great 2021.

We have our first external competition the Epsom CC invitation challenge on 15th February 2021 and the selection committee has to undergo the selection of our images before the end of January.

This year each club will have an entry of 10 projected images. The images will be marked out of 10 and the total of these will determine the winning club.

Clubs are requested not to include work that has been used in a club’s external competition entry at any time, therefore, this is a great opportunity for you to send me up to 3 images for consideration.

Closing date for these images is 9th January (no extension).

Thank you for your support during this very difficult year and let’s keep up the good work in 2021 irrespective of the situation.

Best wishes.


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