Epsom CC Invitation Challenge 15th February 2021

Clevedon PierAndy Bracey
Pelican TakeoffAnn McDonald
She Sailed at SunsetGeorge Atkins
Damselfly Mating  Wheel (Ischnura Elegans)David Harris
Family of Mycena on a LogSheila Tester
Watching the StormJim Munday
Sheep at the FeederLorna Brown
The Basket MakerMichael Davison
Frost and FogRichard Corkrey
On the Way UpTim Crabb

Just to inform all members the following 10 images by 10 different photographers have been selected to represent the Club at the Epsom Invitation Challenge taking place on 15th February.

Nearer the time we will be sent the link to view the contest and I will inform everyone. 

Peter Rocchiccioli Chair SC


15 February 2021

1.            The competition will, in normal circumstances, be held annually between Epsom Camera Club and 4 invited clubs. It began in the 1994-5 season when the Club celebrated its 50th anniversary. It was so successful it has been held ever since.

2.(a)      Each club will have an entry of 5 prints and 5 projected images*. The images will be marked out of 10 and the combined scores will determine the winning club. In the case of a draw: from those clubs the club with the highest number of 10s will be declared the winner. If more than one club has the same number of 10s the judge will select one 10 from those clubs to decide the winning club. 

    (b)     Clubs are requested not to include work that has been used in a club’s external competition entry at any time. Entries for the PAGB GB Cup and Trophy closing date January 2021 are exempt from this rule.

    (c)      No club member can have more than one print and one projected image in their club’s entry, so an entry must comprise of at least five members’ work.

    (d)     Variations may be made on the content of the entry in any one year at the discretion of Epsom Camera Club Committee.

3. (a) The titles and photographers for both prints and PDI, together with the PDI files, must be sent to Epsom Camera Club by 1st February 2021.

                Please send to John Boyer at projectionsec@epsomcc.org.uk and Rosemary Wilman at wilmanphoto@ntlworld.com with your Club name as the subject.

    (b) Digital images should be:

  1. a maximum of 1600 pixels wide X 1200 pixels high.
  2. in sRGB colour space.
  3. each image should be in JPEG format and be 8 bits per pixel (i.e. not 16 bits).
  4. the file name for each image should be the image title.

4.            A certificate will be awarded to the winning club.

5.(a)      The winning club will be invited to return for a second year.

   (b)      If a club wins two years in succession the second placed visitor will be invited   to return the following year instead.

(c)      If Epsom Camera Club wins, the highest placed eligible visitor will be invited to return the following year.

Emergency contact on the night: Rosemary Wilman 07940 231318

* For 2021 the competition will take place remotely. Each club will enter 10 PDIs from at least 7 members and a maximum of 2 from any one member. The normal rules will otherwise apply.

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