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Digital Group Meeting of 23rd January 2018

The Digital Group enjoyed two excellent tutorials on the evening of Tuesday 23rd January.

In the first half Ross Laney gave a brief introduction into the possibilities available when using Topas Impression in Photoshop. He showed a number of images where he had used this download to enhance a “painterly” interpretation of the image. He then worked on an image of a street scene in Savannah  and demonstrated how, by using Impression presets with photoshop layers and layer masks, separate presets could be applied to different areas of the image to achieve the desired result.

In the second part of the evening Lorna Brown demonstrated “Working with Textures”.  She talked about where to obtain textures and how to make them. She then demonstrated how to use them in Photoshop using layers and adjustments. Lorna gave the following site for tutorials and textures.