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Digital Group Meeting

The first meeting of the Digital Group will be held next Tuesday, 27th September.

In the first part of the evening Jeff Owen will demonstrate how to resize images for competitions. This is something you will need to know if you intend entering the clubs competitions, either PDI or Print as a correctly sized PDI has to be submitted along with a Print entry.

Jeff will also cover the use of Photo Comp and the production of Hanging Plans which you will find necessary for some Exhibitions and the Print Panel competition.

After the break there will be a general discussion about future meetings and this will be your chance to make your suggestions or  particular requests.

In the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre  at 7.30. Members £3.00 non members and those on the waiting list £4.00

2 thoughts on “Digital Group Meeting

  • Richard Ryder

    Hi Jeff & Dave,

    I think there is a step missing in your article about resizing PDIs using the second method in Photoshop 2015 CC and that is you must save a copy of your image before you resample and then work on the copy otherwise information is lost forever.

    • Jeff Owen

      Richard, the point you make is very valid. When I gave the demo I emphasised that you should not save the .PSD after resizing. I will check the instructions.
      At the moment I think Lightroom offers the best solution as it is non-destructive and allows you to set DPI

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