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This Thursday is Deadline for 2nd Beginners and Intermediate Print Competition

This Thursday the 14th January is the deadline for the 2nd Beginners and Intermediate Print Competition.


Here are a few tips that should be noted, if you need help or have any questions just contact anyone in the club or use the feedback box below this post.

Upload instructions

Here are relevant extracts from the completion rules in the members Handbook on this link  Members Handbook:

4 Not more than three prints may be entered in any one competition. Entered prints should be consecutively numbered to show the entrant’s preferred sequence of selection for competition since acceptance of all prints submitted cannot be guaranteed.

Check that the PDI versions of your image are sRGB colour space and the cropping is the same as the print.  Also follow these guidelines that are for PDI club competitions.

2  Image file requirements:

  1. a) The maximum size of the image is 1400 pixels horizontal by 1050 pixels vertical, this is resolution of the projector so these dimensions will give optimum viewing
    b) Images should be in JPEG format (maximum quality) and each file must have a jpg extension.c) The working colour space should be sRGB. Images with missing or incorrect working space will be automatically converted to the correct working space but if this needs to be done no responsibility for any resulting colour changes can be accepted by the competition secretary.

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