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Digital Group: Photoshop for dodging and burning and introduction to Capture One on 30th January

Ann revealed her secrets using photoshop layers curves for dodging and burning.  She recommended that those wanting to try should familiarise themselves with Sheila’s demonstration on layers.   Video will be posted.  

Jan Davis demonstrated Capture One Pro a RAW processing software that is used by professional photographers with very good results.  Capture One costs £299 for a perpetual licence or £20 per month  

Despite brain freeze the recording of the demonstration was thought not saved but has been recovered.  However to simplify Jan’s explanations here is a YouTube from Capture One showing the essential processing steps in about 7 min.  There are a series of other short videos showing all the key aspects of a software which does all that photoshop does but on The RAW filles.

45th Smethwick International. Awards for Ann and Sheila

Well done to two of our most glamorous, talented, lady shooters.   All the Awards  from this 45th Smethwick International. 
Sheila Tester
SPS Ribbon for Nature PDI
Dalmatian Pelican Defending Territory
Ann McDonald
FIAP Gold Medal for Nature Print
Dalmatian Pelican (as used 4 NM Flyers) 
FIAP Ribbon for Nature Print
Tail Pecking Gannets
FIAP Ribbon for Mono Print
Moon Dancer

Portrait Group Program

There was a successful Portrait Group kick off meeting where an elusive Eliot was photographed by nearly all those present using the studio lights.  Most of the challenges of interface camera and lights were resolved for the variety of cameras used.  A pdi show of Goodwood and Goodwood type images were shown showing the huge diversity of views of the same subjects.

The events that provide opportunities to take people pictures are as follows.  Anyone in the club can come and look out for each other as it is really an ad hoc photo excursion.

  • Sunday 10th November, Remembrance day parade.  Meet at the Cross at 9;30
  • Saturday 30th November, Tangmere  Winter Fayre, Father Christmas outside The Coop. Let Jan Davis know if you would like to cover the Father Christmas Shoot and I will let you know the details.
  • Sunday 1st December, Tangmere Players, dress rehearsal photographing Actors and Pantomine.  Let Andy Dulson know if you are coming.  We will be using the stage lights and off camera flash for the individual actors.
  • Saturday 21st December, St Pancras Wheelbarrow Walk, Meet at Nags Head, St Pancras 10:30


Portrait Group Kick Off Meeting 5th November

There is a meeting in the Portrait Group in the small Hall at Tangmere on 5th November where we will have our studio flash lights so all are welcome to bring cameras and take some portraits of each other.

Also we will show people pictures from Goodwood so bring memory sticks if you have any images to show.

At the meeting we will agree a date and location for a street photography outing and summarise the plans we have for portrait shoot opportunities this season.