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Developers Group Meeting: Portraits with Simon Fuchter

The developers group meeting on the 17th December was dedicated to a demonstration and talk about Portrait photography by Simon Fuchter. Simon owned a portrait studio in South street and is the 3rd generation from a family of portrait photographers. He demonstrated the essentials of portrait photography with the importantance of lighting. He had brought along a selection of representative images of his own and his father and grandfather.

He gave us a summary of the essentials, covering Lighting, Pose and the most important, Expression.

Simon Fuchter’s notes

Self Portrait Competition sponsored by the Portrait Group

The Portrait Group invite members to submit One Self Portrait  in PDI club standard format to enter the Self Portrait Competition.

There will be a super prize for the  best portrait judged by the Portrait Group’s judge.

The winner and the certificates of merit will be announced at the Christmas Bash on the 13th December.  Deadline for submissions  on upload site Friday 7th December. 


Photosprint Thursday 31st May “Through the eyes of a dog”

The Theme for the one and a half hours photo sprint was:

“Through the eyes of a dog, How a dog sees it”

We were 15 photographers and chased around Chichester and the subject stimulated a great range of images.  The evening finished in The Four Chesnuts”  The judging was done by Dave Abbott and Ghislaine Davis.

The winning image was taken by Zelinda de Cruz who won the bottle of wine prize.


The next best image was taken by Nicki Holden

The third best was by Richard Webb