Congratulations, Ian Roberts, DPAGB

I am delighted to announce that Ian Roberts obtained his DPAGB this week end, Sunday 28th April, at the awards day in Basingstoke. It was a super achievement by Ian as his total score was 347 the best of the day. His lowest mark were 2 x 20 which is a pass anyway. Members can view his panel next week, on Thursday 9th May at Tangmere.  

Here are some images with their scores. 

Brown Bear guarding carcass scored 25

Roller Bird with Common Lizard scored 23

Common Buzzards Fighting scored 24

Riding the corner scored 23

Thick Billed Raven scored 23

Brilliant result, well done Ian

By Peter Rocchiccioli Chair Selection Committee

Brown Bear Guarding Carcass by Ian Roberts (002).jpg
Roller Bird with Common Lizard by Ian Roberts.jpg
Common Buzzards Fighting by Ian Roberts.jpg
RIDING THE CORNER by Ian Roberts.jpg
THICK BILLED RAVENS by Ian Roberts.jpg

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