Coath and Edmunds Cups

The Coath Cup (Photographer of the Year) and the Edmunds Cup ((Contribution to the life of the club beyond the call od duty) are in the gift of the membership on an annual basis. The voting slips and ballot box will be available at each meeting from now up to and including the pre-Exhibition meeting.

Taken at Chichester Camera Club 2018 Awards Assembly Rooms, Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom, Friday, 10/08/2018. Photo by: Richard Ryder

The Photographer of the Year can be the person whose work has been outstanding over the past club year. This may be within the club competitions or on the national and international scene. On the other hand, it may be interpreted as the photographer whose work has improved most over the year, irrespective of class.

The Edmunds Cup is awarded to whoever you feel has made the greatest contribution to the smooth running of the club above and beyond the call of duty.

Please make sure you vote otherwise the awards are meaningless. Vote early, vote often!

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