We are using Flickr for members to share images with Club members (only) online. In addition, Flickr will increasingly be used for theme – based exhibitions and other focus groups. We have launched 2 “Discussion threads” on Flickr.

The first is the Club’s 1st ~”Fortnightly Photo Theme” . This is open to all members, regardless of skill and experience level to share images fitting the theme. This round is Portraits. The more members who upload, the more enjoyable this will be for everyone. It is an opportunity to show off your favourite image and the learn from others, just as in a Club meeting. Every fortnight the theme will change.

The second is an invitation to all to make suggestions about how we might use Flickr, such as friendly competitions (etc.). This Discussion thread will be open until the end of this month.

To assist members with Flickr, two guides have been prepared. One is to help with setting up a Flickr account. The other sets out the few steps to take in participation in the Club’s Flickr site.

If anyone has any questions about setting up Flickr or accessing the Club’s site, they are very welcome to contact Jeff Owen, Jonathan Fiske or Jan Davis (CCC Flickr account administrators) whose contact details are on the Club’s 2019 – 2020 programme.

Getting Started with Flickr – a CCC Member’s Guide.pdf

CCC Flickr Group Uploading Guide.pdf

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