Christmas Special

 There were considerably fewer photographs  involved in the quiz event last night than at a usual Club night, but it was good to see everyone in party mode!  A full 10 has to be awarded to Joan Barham for the best seasonal outfit of the evening with her reindeer jacket, with a 9.5 to Tim Crabb for the loudest jumper.  Special mention too to Kim Tattersall and Lynne Owen for head gear that demonstrated how hard they were thinking!

The evening was won by the Tattersall-Owen-Howes-Street crew, last year’s winners as well. If Graham Sergeant’s music round floored most of us and the politics round relied on pure guess work, the encore from the ‘Initial Round’ showed everyone in top form.  Tasked with inventing a phrase against a random series of letter, the Barham-Boden table came up ‘Have you a massively large cucumber concealed last year hurriedly before Xmas’, which might make us wonder, but the outright winner of the has to be the offering from the Mike Harris-Crabb-Abbott-Sargeant-Taylor-Roe table with a seasonal message to leave you with in the this last post of 2016.

Happy Yuletide and may love come calling lighting your home before Christmas!

img_1012 christmas-special


One thought on “Christmas Special

  • Joy W

    A very enjoyable occasion and a great way to journey into our Christmas break. Sincere thanks to Lorna ably assisted by Mike and Graham – what would we do without you all.

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