Chairmans Blog, AGM


Over 50 members attended the AGM.

Members were praised for their contributions to the season for organising exhibitions, subgroups, trips, gaining honours in the RPS, PAGB, medals and acceptances in external competitions and salons. Glyn Edmunds was praised in particular for his excellent program. The new competition rules were approved. The next season’s committee and post holders were voted in as follows:

Position Name
Management Committee
Chair Lorna Brown
Vice Chair Mike Hancock
Secretary Liz Boden
Treasurer David Harris
Committee 1 David Abbott
Committee 2 David Donati
Committee 3 Kim Tattersall
Exhibition Sec Wojtek Boden
Membership Sec Vanessa Stern
Print Comp Sec John Dean
Program Sec 16/17 Glyn Edmunds
Program Sec 17/18 Glyn Edmunds
SCPF Rep Sheila Tester
Post Holders
Small Print Sec Linda Bullimore
External Exhibitions J & J Barham
PDI Comp Sec Jeff Owen
Publicity Sec Cath Walter
Regnum Crouch Mem Baybars
Sussex Fed Mem Baybars
Selection C Chair Peter Rocchiccioli
Selection Com 1 Glyn Edmunds
Selection Com 2 Sheila Tester
Selection Com 3 Carole Speight
Selection Com 4 John Howes
Selection Observer Sarah Nichol
Selection Observer Carmel Lynch
Financial Exam Sarah Nichol

The meeting was made more enjoyable by the amount of  delicious snacks available at the break.

Looking forward to a new season with Lorna Brown in the Chair from the opening of the summer exhibition where she will get the keys and club emblem. An extremely competent committee supports her.

Thanks to all who have served the club during my time as chair.

Jan Davis