Chairmans Blog 14th December

Congratulations Graham Sergeant for being awarded a PAGB Gold medal at the Great Northern Festival held in December for his audio-visual sequence “Beeswing”. [The sequence is the homeless project.] This will be shown at the club on the 17 March 2016. In his response he thanked Carole Speight and Pete Bamforth for their support and contribution to the success.


The RPS group is meeting tomorrow the 14th to combine serious analysis of potential RPS submissions and mince pies

Ann is still looking for volunteers to bake potatoes for the North Mundham supper on the Saturday. She needs five more people to bake ten potatoes each. Lorna, Lynne and Mike D have already kindly volunteered. Lorna and Lynne have offered to bake twenty if necessary but I think it is less trouble for them if we have more volunteers. Contact Ann by email.

Next weeks quiz night will require refreshment and fun so please bring a bit of both. We would like to take a photograph of all medal winners in the year so please bring your medals.

At Thursdays meeting Rob de Ruiter judged the beginners and intermediate print competition with his animated and lively manner and with comments that were absolutely too the point. It was an enjoyable evening as he was very considerate engaging in a dialogue with the photographers about their prints that achieved 10 points. We look forward to see him again as he is always welcome in our club. The results are already on the website as are the standings (need for log in)