Chair update

Hi All,

Great night last night viewing all the advanced PDI’s. Congratulations to all and in particular Ray Acland who received a 10 for his Yorkshire Dales image.

In last weeks newsletter I posted a potential plan for our print competitions and requested that all those who feel they would like to participate, mail me via a link to the chair that can be found on our website in the ‘CONTACT US’ section along with other important contact email addresses. To date I have had 12 responses as follows; 3 club, 2 intermediate and 7 advanced. To hold a viable competition it is felt that we need at least 10 to take part for advanced, 7-8 for intermediate and 5+ for club.

It is important for your committee to know whether there is interest in holding the print comps as if not we have to find alternatives for the 6 print comp dates in the calendar. Therefore I will hold the response date open for one more week only.

Please stay safe in this new lockdown.



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  1. Now might be a really good time to ditch the distinction between the three classes and have appraisals, no marks with a judge choosing his 3 favourites. You would then have enough entries for a competition and more people might be encouraged to submit prints. Really at the moment the competition marking is so often distracting the Judge from making useful comments. At the very least this could be offered as an experiment.
    Best wishes

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