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Hi All,

I have to say last nights presentation by Mark Pain was one of the best we’ve had for a long time. He showed some brilliant sports images and gave us a detailed insight into his planning process and camera settings used to obtain them. I guess one thing we all need to remember is his mantra of being technically, physically and mentally ready before taking the image.

Now I have a very important request for all members. Your committee have been working hard to develop a proposed print competition plan that will allow us to undertake our print competitions this season. It reads as follows;

CCC Draft Print Competition plan for the 20/21 season.

1. Members should prepare Prints and associated PDIs as usual in accordance with the club’s competition rules.

2. An upload site will be created for each Competition on Photocomp and PDIs should be uploaded in the normal manner with the correct title for each print submitted. Please upload in order of preference in case we receive too many and have to reduce entries from three to two.

3. Three or more collection points have been determined in the East, West and central Chichester districts to minimise travel for the delivery of mounted prints.

4. Three empty club Nomad print boxes will be held at each collection point clearly labelled with the address of the collection point and either Club comp, Intermediate comp or Advanced Comp.

5. Members will deliver prints inside a bag to a chosen collection point, which must remain the same for each competition they enter, and place them in the box so as to minimise print handling. They must be delivered on or before the agreed deadline date which will be three weeks before the comp date not the usual two.

6. The relevant Nomad box will then be transported to a central address where the collator will note which prints come from which collection address box, retain the bags, collate and label the prints as per competition rules, place them in a Nomad box and forward to the respective judge by courier.

7. Judges to receive the Nomad box at least seven days before the scheduled competition date to enable them to assess the prints in preparation for the scheduled competition date.

8. At the scheduled Zoom meeting, on the respective competition date, members will see the PDI’s and listen to the judge’s comments.

9. The Judge will place the prints back in the Nomad box for collection and transportation to the collator’s address by courier.

10. The collator will transfer the bagged prints into the relevant nomad boxes as per note taken at point 6.

11. Nomad boxes to be returned to the respective collection addresses and prints to be collected by members as they deliver for the next comp.

12. Any uncollected prints will be taken to Tangmere at the end of the comp programme fo future collection.

All the above will be further supported by a risk assessment for the safety of all concerned.

It is vitally important that we have enough members willing to enter as we will be looking for an absolute minimum of 30 prints for a competition to make it worthwhile. On that basis can those who are willing to enter prints please mail me at,, by Friday 6th November. If the uptake is favourable we will finalise the logistical arrangements and compile the risk assessment.

Even after completing all this work, we will obviously still need to take into account the Covid situation and the Government guidelines of the day, but hopefully we will be able to move froward and undertake print comps.

Many thanks and stay safe.


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