Chair update

Hi All,

Great night last night with Leo Rich. His Tiger shots were fantastic but did look extremely dangerous to me. I think if I’d been there my shots would have been in the opposite direction as I was running for my life.

Below is a list of the PDIs entries uploaded for this years SxPF PDI championship and congratulations to all those chosen. 

Andy Bracey – Sandy Point 

Brian Muir – Cigarette break 

Brian Muir – Ever Decreasing Circles 

Gary Howes – Spinnaker Surfer 

Jane Webster – Bringing the Garden Inside 

Keith Harris – Lunch Outing 

Kevin Macknay – The Only Colour in the Room 

Mike Hancock – Concentration 

Mike Hughes – Grumpy Street Pianist 

Paul Adams – Fire Works Over Portsmouth 

Richard Webb – Patterns 

Wendy Chalk – Tate Modern 

Next week we have our 1st Club/Intm PDI competition so I hope you are all looking forward to that.

See you there and please stay safe.


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