Very interesting and enjoyable talk by Colleen last night on the specific issue of Macro Photography. It opens up a whole new world to think about. She obviously has the ability to see things others don’t and this was clearly demonstrated by her wonderful images.

Please remember that next weeks Xmas comp with Bognor CC takes place on Wednesday the 8th.

Now a plea to all.

As a club we can only function if members undertake some of the roles needed to manage the business of the club in a proper manner. Before the end of this season we desperately need to find replacements for our vice chair, committee secretary, treasurer, annual exhibition secretary and print group leader. I am again asking club members to consider volunteering to fill these posts and put their names forward as soon as possible so a period of mentoring can be done during the second half of this season. All these roles have a role guidance to follow and due to the hard work and diligence of our current treasurer the accounts package is now not an onerous duty.

We all get a great deal of enjoyment from the club activities and it would be a travesty if some or all could not continue through the lack of volunteers. Whoever does volunteer would have the full support of past post holders so please give this plea some thought.

Finally, our congratulations go to Lorna Brown for achieving a distinction from the PAGB.

Take care


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