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Southern Counties Federation PDI League Event

We were delighted to welcome back Rosemary Wilman as our judge for the Southern Counties Photographic Federation PDI league event at the Club.  8 PDI photographs from each of 8 Clubs in Division 1 of the league were shown so the quality and range of work on display were very high.  Rosemary gave an insightful and informative analysis of each of the images explaining clearly what worked and where improvements could be made covering issues such as sharpness, light and shade, composition, colour balance, atmosphere and clarity of story.  All present gained valuable insights to be used in their own photography and Rosemary’s careful analyses and clarity of views were much appreciated by all.

Black & White Group Meeting 22nd February

At this months Black & White Group Meeting Jan Davis gave a demonstration on black and white portraiture.

At the beginning members were given a demonstration on setting up lighting with available equipment, use of a remote flash and also a datacolour cube which helps with post processing.  Camera settings were discussed and  and several images taken.  Post production was carried out via tethering and in the view of those present.  Several pieces of software including Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One and Nik software were used showing the differences in their makeup.  

Here is youtube link to tutorial by Roger Payne onBlack & White conversions:

Jan kindly produced a hand out for future reference here: BWPortraitDemo.

Interested in Documentary or Street photography? Member of the RPS?

The RPS Documentary Group South East is holding their first meeting at Tangmere small hall on Sunday 26th Feb at 10 am – 1pm.
There will be a discussion on what Documentary Photography actually IS, plus a chance to show your work – images or PDI.
The Organiser would appreciate some help in setting up the room at 9.30 for anyone who is coming from Chichester CC.

Results of the 5th Round of the Small Print Competition

This month’s worthy winners were:

1st: Tim Crabb with his image “Chaffinch”

2nd: Guy Partington with “Thoughtful Conversation”

3rd: Mike Harris with “The Glorious Alps”

These three images will be added to the winning images from all the previous rounds to be entered into the final competition on the 9th March to decide the overall winners for this season. Good luck to all the finalists. Many thanks to all the judges who have given their time and feedback over the past year; it hasn’t always been an easy task for them to decide on the finalists. As many of you weren’t at last night’s meeting I shall be returning your images, along with some feedback, next week.

Digital Group Tuesday 28th February

The Digital Group will meet in the small hall at the Tangmere Village Centre on Tuesday 28th February at 7.30.

In the first half of the evening Sheila Tester will give tutorials on “Avoiding Halo’s with Unsharp Mask” and “Making a Hanging Plan in Lightroom”. After the break Ross Laney will demonstrate the production of one of his award winning images from capture to final image.

It promises to be a n informative and enjoyable  evening. Members £3, Visitors £4.

A life well lived – Mem Baybars

Many Club members joined family and friends to say goodbye to Mem at Chichester Crematorium last Friday.  The service, devised by Mem as his ‘Final Farewell Party’ was a touching and warm tribute, full of celebration of a life well lived.

 Through the tributes we heard of Mem’s escape from war torn Cyprus as a teenager hidden in a Red Cross ambulance, his subsequent life and studies in London and his successful career as a civil engineer, including his role as part of the winning team that secured the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics for London.

But it was the loving and much loved, generous and ever welcoming family man and friend that shone through.  He will be much missed.

Thursday 16th February

We were pleased to have Caroline Colegate join us last night as our judge for the second and final round of this year’s Advanced PDI compettions. Caroline, who is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and has an Award from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (APAGB), is an experienced and well respected judge, both on the club and inter-club circuits. She is a very positive judge, enjoying the stories behind the images and giving careful consideration to the taking part of the making of the picture. 

It was a very enjoyable evening with some shrewd analysis behind the judging.  It’s been a while since Caroline has judged at Chichester but we will be welcoming her back next season and as our Annual Exhibition judge in 2018.

Once again it’s thanks to Jeff Owen for the speedy posting of the results. Congratulations to Stephen Tattersall for scoring two 10s, and to Keith Sawyer and John Howes for their full marks.

Do please note that there is a change of programme next week as I am not able to be at the Club for what should have been the Chair’s evening.  I’m pleased to say Rosemary Wilman was able to do a swap and so next will be the Southern Counties Photographic Alliance PDI round brought forward from the 16th March.

John Howes’s Evacuees

Keith Sawyer’s No reported incidents

Stephen Tattersall’s Piazza Del Popolo and Guarding the Pontif, below



Last Call for Prints

We are still looking for prints from ALL members for the Hospice and the Selection Committee.  Joan and Jon Barham organise a changing collection of prints at the Hospice and are hoping to update that in the next week or two.  The Hospice Print box is still rather sparse so do please look out prints for them for next week.  Panel collections are very suitable!

The Selection Committee meets on Friday 24th February to select images for both the Regnum Crouch and Sussex Photographic Federation Print Competitions.  The SxFed competition is one Chichester keeps for our Club and Intermediate Class members, so do please bring your prints along next Thursday.  Those that scored 9, 9.5 or 10 are particularly welcome, but the Selection Committee would also like to see other images that you would like to submit.   The Selection Committee do have a considerable task in putting the images together for the SxFd as the rules are very complex, so please don’t be discouraged if you haven’t had work selected before.

Janey Devine’s Children of Myanmar 1