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Richard Corkrey – Studio Lighting Kit for Sale

I have a selection of studio lighting equipment that I wish to put up for sale to the Club. My reason for selling is that I no longer do the type of photography that needs this sort of kit.

This equipment has not been used much and would be ideal for someone who wishes to do portrait photography. It is basically all you need to get you started.

The equipment consists of:

Backdrop White Backdrop and Supports
Broncolor Softbox 90cm x 120cm
Broncolor Speedring for Elinchrom
Dynasun Stand + Boom
Elinchrom Snood with Grid
Elinchrom Compact D-Lite RX2 + Stand and Cables
Elinchrom Compact D-Lite RX4 + Stand and Cables
Elinchrome Skyport Speed Controller (New Battery Needed)
Elinchrome Reflector 18cm and Grid
Lastolite 99cm Umbrella Kit
Lastolite Tri-Flector II
Pixapro Beauty Dish 42cm with Grid and Diffuser

The market value is approximately £1,400. I am willing to let it all go as a job lot for –


I only wish to sell as a job-lot and am not open to selling off individual items.

As some of this equipment is bulky it would not be convenient to bring it to the Club. I am willing to bring it to your house for examination, however, providing you don’t live too far away.

Richard Corkrey
07980 985253

22 October 2019 Digital Imaging Group Tutorial recordings

We had a very good turn out for our meeting on 22 October and it was particularly good to see so many new members on that evening.  John Bradshaw gave a very interesting set of tutorials based on the theme of Black & White. Whilst Sheila Tester demonstrated the dark arts of layers, masks and blending.  The videos of these sessions can be found by clicking on the links below:

Sheila Tester

Layers, masks and blending

John Bradshaw

For convenience John’s tutorial has been split into the following videos:

If you are not able to view the details of these videos then John has also provided his notes for this session here

EGM 21st November – Proposed Amendment

The following proposed change to the Constitution amendment has been received.

“In the matter of the current proposal by the Committee to reduce the quorum required at Annual General and Extraordinary General Meetings (currently 35% of the registered membership) to 20%.

While I fully support the need for a reduction to be made and agree with the reasons given for this, I believe that 20% is too low for good governance and democratic best practice.

20% would represent almost half the current level whereas a level of 25% would mean that twice as many members who were not on the Committee could block any attempt to enforce proposals which were judged to be unreasonable.

I therefore propose that this amendment to reduce the quorum requirement to 25% is considered at the EGM and seek the support of the members”.

This amendment is proposed by John Bradshaw and seconded by Ann McDonald. It will be presented and voted upon at the EGM on 21st November.


A short Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on Thursday 21st November immediately after the conclusion of the First Club/Intermediate Print Competition. The EGM will have no impact on the Competition which will proceed as scheduled.

The purpose of the meeting is to consider the following proposal of the Management Committee (proposed by Chair, seconded by Vice Chair):

‘It is proposed that the Constitution be amended in paragraphs 6.2.6 and 6.3.3 to delete the figure of 35% and replace it with a figure of 20%’

The effect of this proposed change will be that 6.2.6 will read: ‘The quorum for the AGM will be 20% of the Club’s registered membership’ and for paragraph 6.3.3 ‘the quorum at an EGM will be 20% of the registered membership’.

The justification for this proposal is that with current membership numbers the existing quorum figure of 35% is too high.  Two of the last three AGMs have been inquorate (49 attendees in May 2019 against a quorum requirement of 51) with the result that none of the Constitutional issues under consideration could be resolved until the special (quorate) EGM was held on 1st August.  The lower quorum figure of 20% will also help to reinforce the principle of voting by attending members.

Members are asked to approve the lower quorum figure of 20%. and the revisions to the Constitution as described above.

Mike Hancock, Chair, 30th October 2019

Extraordinary General Meeting on 21st November 2019

As I announced last night, the Management Committee would like to call an EGM for Thursday 21st November to be held immediately after the conclusion of the first Club/Intermediate Print Competition. The purpose of the meeting will be to consider a single proposal – the reduction in the quorum for AGM/EGM meetings from 35% of the registered membership to 20%.

The formal agenda and justification for the proposal will be circulated to all members in the next few days. The purpose of this item is to ask members to make a note on their diaries as we will need at least 51 members to attend to be able to consider the proposal properly.

This will have no impact on the Club/Intermediate Print competition which will proceed as scheduled.

Elke Epp – Competition Winner

Elke Epp has won a prize by being shortlisted ( 1 of 4 out of all the entries submitted nationally) in the Fotospeed Print Monday competition

The weekly winner has their image printed on one of the Fotospeed Fine Art papers and sent to them, as well as having their image printed and presented in the Fotospeed Gallery at The Photography Show 2020

Well done Elke. Her winning image is shown below

Member Successes

Four members have had great success in the prestigious PAGB Sony Inter – Federation Print and PDI Competitions. This competition puts Chichester up against the very best camera clubs nationally. In this exalted company there were PAGB ribbons for Ross Laney for ‘Deilephila Elpenor’ and Sheila Tester for ‘Dalmatian Pelican Defending Territory’; and Phil Shaw got an acceptance for ‘Racket Tailed Puffleg Aerial Comat’ together with Ann McDonald for ‘Portrait of a Lady’.

Very well done to all.

Local Photographic Opportunities

The Club has been notified of a number of local photographic opportunities happening in the near future:

Lancing Kitesurfing Club – there is a pier to pier kitesurfing race from Worthing to Brighton on 26th October. Further details on the Kitesurfing Club website.

The Village Magazine for Bosham has details of a photography competition – see page 43 of the October issue.

There is an evening studio modelling workshop on 17th November at Grayshott Church room. Further details at

New Judging Training Course

The following letter has been received from Ken Scott, Chair of SxPF about the opporunities for training to become a judge

I am frequently asked by Sussex clubs about new judges. We recognise the need for a regular throughput of new judges on to the circuit, because competition is still a mainstay of the club calendar.

As such we are looking to run a new judging training course in SxPF in the first quarter of 2020. If you would be interested in training to be an accredited judge with SxPF, please register an expression of interest with me, Ken Scott,   by end November 2019. There will be nine places available. As soon as possible in November we will issue more details.

We are particularly looking for fresh input and ideas, and would like to hear especially from our talented pool of female photographers.

For more information, visit   where there is an Overview of the Course and a detailed FAQ entitled ‘Becoming a Judge with SxPF’. The training mirrors exactly the course offered by Southern Counties.

PDI Competition Deadlines

The first Advanced PDI competion will be held on 10th October (judge Roy Lambeth). The deadline has technically passed but if anyone has any particular difficulties please contact jeff Owen

The first Club/Intermediate PDI competition will be held on 24th October (judge Caroline Colegate). The deadline for entries is Thursday 10th October. New members wishing to enter will be able to get help on the procedures to be followed from their mentor. Alternatively all the information required is set out on the Competitions section of the website under the headling of ‘Competition Rules Revised March 2019’