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Developers group meeting 15/10/18

Hi All.

Below are the presentation slides used at the above meeting.


OOPS. Apologies but that didn’t work so I’ll try again.


Well I tried to load but the content is too big so I’ve sent them by email to those who attended. Anyone else within the group who would like  a copy please see me at the next club meeting. I will also bring a few  copies to our next meeting on the 21st.

First Club and Intermediate Print Competition deadline

The first Club and Intermediate Print competition will be held on Thursday 22nd November.  The latest deadline for entries is  Thursday 8th November.  Boxes will be put out for your prints over the next 2 Club meetings  and a PDI version of all images must also be uploaded onto the  PhotoComp upload site on the website by the deadline date.  Instructions on how to do this are described in the ‘Competitions’ section of the website under the heading ‘Uploading PDIs for Competitions’.

John Dean

It was reported at the Club yesterday that John Dean, a long standing member, is not too well at present having been diagnosed with a rare form of Parkinson’s disease. John would be pleased to see any friends from the Camera Club and currently he is in Beggars Roost Nursing Home, Old Park Lane, Fishbourne.

Developers Group Meeting 15/10/2018

At the second meeting of the developers group, we first of all reviewed some of the results of the exercises set at the last meeting. This generated some good debate and understanding by the participants. That was followed by a session on basic manipulation of an image in Lightroom. The group were shown how to import images into Lightroom, the function of a range of manipulation tools and then an actual manipulation of an original image to a completed image using its Lightroom history. It proved to be very successful raising a lot of questions and discussion.

As an exercise, the group were tasked to select one of their own images, undertake some Lightroom work on the image and to bring a print of the original image, the completed image and a screen shot of the history to the next meeting in November for discussion.

Details of the slides used in the session will be posted here at a later date for all to see. (This is because I haven’t worked out how to do a link yet).

Please note that the next meeting of the developers group will be held at Tangmere on Wednesday 21st November not Monday the 19th.

At this meeting we will have representatives from the London Camera Exchange and Fotospeed. They will be doing sessions on camera types and printing and paper types so I hope as many group members as possible can attend.

Club class members – new rules for promotion

The results of the first Advanced PDI competition have been posted in the latest newsletter.  The first PDI competition for Club and Intermediate members will be held on 25th October and the first print competition for the same groups will be held on 22nd November. Deadlines will be with us very shortly so it might be helpful to summarise the changes to the opportunities for progression from Club to Intermediate, agreed at the AGM earlier this year.

The particular matter for discussion at the AGM was to consider the position for those Members who have been in Club Class for some time already and any newer Members joining the Club who do not achieve promotion for some time. It was agreed that:
Existing members who have been in Club Class for 3 years or more and who wish to progress to the Intermediate Class will have the option of self-referral to Intermediate providing they have entered the main Club competitions during the previous year, irrespective of the marks obtained.

New Members placed in Club Class who have not been promoted after three years may also self refer to Intermediate, as long as they have taken part in competitions during those three years, irrespective of the marks obtained.

The alternative approach is to do very well in the Club class league tables for that year and gain promotion thorough that route

Results of First Round of Small Print Competition

With apologies to all the text from this Post did not format properly  in the Newsletter sent out yesterday so is being sent out again.  The original Post from Cheryl is set out below
I’m very pleased to say that there were fourteen very varied photographs entered into the first round of the Small Print Competition.  Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to the following winners:
1st Place       –      Jonathan Fiske with his image ‘Horses for Courses’
2nd Place      –      Christopher Huxtable with ‘Bridge of Size’
3rd Place       –      Denise Summerville with ‘A Room With A View’
These images will all be held back and entered into the final competition in March.
The Second Round will be held on 8th November.
Cheryl Marshall

First Advanced Print Competition

The first Advanced print competition of the season will be judged on 8th November by Jim Pascoe.  Entries are open now and the boxes will be out over the next 3 Club evenings with a final deadline for submission of  25th October.  For those new members who wish to enter, copies of your images have to be uploaded via the PhotoComp portal.  Instructions on how to do this are described in the ‘ Documents – Important Documents – Instructions for Upoading PDIs to PhotoComp’  part of the website.