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The first round of the SMALL PRINT (previously ENPRINT) competition will take place on 13th October. All Club Class members who would like to enter should let me have a maximum of three 7″by5″ or smaller prints by the start of the meeting on OCTOBER 6TH so that they can be displayed then.

For the benefit of new members here is a brief resume of the requirements; the full rules are available in the COMPETITION RULES section of this website. The competition is designed to give new members (and old) a different, less stressful way of presenting their work at the club. Prints do not need to be mounted and can be straight from the camera. A small amount of digital manipulation is allowed but only minimal cropping and the use of tools such as exposure compensation and colour correction. Images can be printed commercially (e.g. Jessops or Boots) or you can print your own. There is no set theme this month but there might be in future months. We do need you to put your name and a title for the image on the reverse, but be aware that some pens can transfer ink onto your other prints so the best method is a small stick on label. Three winners will be chosen and a brief written feedback from the judges  (members of the selection committee) will be given. These images will be held back for the final competition in April when the final winners will be chosen. Those three prints will be eligible for automatic entry into the Annual Exhibition in August and there is a small cup for the winner. The only people not allowed to enter are previous winners and of course Intermediate and Advanced members. One word of warning, if you have a wonderful print that you think you would like to enter into the main club competition then do not enter it into the Small Print competition as an image can only be used once in any competition in the season.

This competition gives you a chance to measure your work against others in an anonymous setting,  without marks or comments. However should you require feedback or advice then there are plenty of experts in the club who will be willing, on the day, to speak to you, just ask me if you need pointing in the right direction.

So you still have two weeks to go out with your camera or sort out some images from the back catalogue that most of us have acquired over the years.

I am looking forward to seeing all your images soon

Linda Bullimore

Enprint of the year Final

The final of the Enprint Competition was held last night, 3rd March.

Huge congratulations to Ed Feldmanis who swept the board with his three winning images.

1st place was “Cold Dawn”, 2nd “Reviving Past Glory” and 3rd “Wakehurst Water Gardens”.


Congratulations are also due to Mem Baybars, Terence Powling and Bill Harding who also had images in the final. Throughout the year nine different photographers took part in the competition, submitting a total of seventy five images, so a big thank you to all the people who took part.


Last chance to enter this season’s enprint competition.

Calling all Beginners.

Next Thursday, Feb 18th, is the deadline for the last round of this season’s Enprint competition, so please pass your images to me (Linda Bullimore) at the meeting.The images will be judged the following week and the 3 winning entries will go forward to the Final Judging in March. So you still have a chance to be one of the overall winners for this season. Anyone may enter, even if you have never entered the competition before. Images need to be between 4 by 6 and 5 by 7 inches with minimal cropping and no significant digital enhancement such as cloning or adding texture etc. However pressing “auto” to improve colour and exposure in a post processing package is acceptable. You may print your own images or get them commercially printed and they can be from digital files or negatives.


January Enprint Competition Winners

Congratulations to the following stalwart members who once again supported the Enprint Competition:

1st Place: “Out of Darkness” by Ed Feldmanis

2nd Place: “Gentle Walk” by Mem Baybars

3rd Place: “Black Hole” by Terry Powling

These three images will go through to the Final Round in March along with the nine winning images from the previous rounds

Meanwhile there is one more competition for any Beginners to submit images for selection to go forward to this Final Round. You can still enter the competition even if you have never taken part before, and last year the overall winner came from an image submitted in the last monthly round.

The 5th round will be judged on February 25th, and all entries should be with me (Linda Bullimore) by Thursday 18th February. There will be no set theme.

4th Round Of the Enprint Competition Coming Up Soon

For those of you who missed the earlier post, this is a reminder that the next round of the Enprint Competition will be judged on Thursday January 21st.

There is no set theme for this round and entries need to be with me by the previous week (14th January). Apologies that this is the same deadline date as the main print competition.

As usual prints need to be between 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″ with minimal cropping and minimal digital manipulation. You may print your own or have them commercially processed. I look forward to seeing some  excellent images as usual.

The final round will be judged on 25th February and all the winning entries from the previous rounds will be judged on 10th March to find the final three winning images to go into the Annual Exhibition and to find the overall winner of the Enprint cup. So you only have two more rounds to have a chance of being selected ……….!

3rd Enprint Competition Results

With only 3 people entering this round of the competition it seems that either the constraints of a theme or the run up to Christmas have meant that this was not a popular round. For the next round we shall therefore have an open category entry format and perhaps try a theme again for the final round.
From the excellent images that were submitted for the 1st Beginners’ print competition I can see that some of you might no longer feel that the Enprint competition is appropriate as you have progressed beyond it, but do remember that all Beginners can enter and if you are one of the final winners then there is a cup to be awarded and an automatic entry into the Annual Summer Exhibition. So well worthwhile in the end.
On Thursday I shall be displaying the winning images from all the rounds and you will be able to collect any other prints that you have submitted.
The 4th round will be judged on 21st January, with submissions by 14th January please. So do get out and about over the Christmas break so that we can have a good selection to choose from.
Whilst written feedback is given by the selection committee for the the 3 winners, I do know that some of you would like feedback as to why your images were unsuccessful. As I have said previously at the meetings, the committee are always willing to give feedback if they are asked and I can point you in their direction if you ask me, or in fact direct you to other advanced workers who are always available to help when needed. I do pass on any verbal comments that may have been made, and some people have already benefitted from feedback when they have asked. I would encourage you to get some feedback as everyone is more than willing to assist and to help you and the club improve.
So finally the results:
1st Ed Feldmanis, 2nd Ed Feldmanis , 3rd Mem Baybars . Their images can be viewed on Thursday evening.

3rd Enprint Competition Deadline

Just a brief reminder that the deadline for entries to the next round of the Enprint Competition is this Thursday December 3rd 2015. The theme is “The British City” and images will be judged on December 10th. If you could let me have prints as soon as possible before the start of the meeting then perhaps we can all look at them in the refreshment break.


For another chance to shine please remember that the next round of the Enprint competition will be judged on December 10th. This time there will be a theme of ‘THE BRITISH CITY’ but it can be interpreted fairly broadly, for example architecture, shops, people or events in the city etc. The city can be Chichester or London or any other location as long as it can clearly be seen to be an urban environment. So no landscapes, pets, foreign parts or wildlife this time please. All images should be given to Linda Bullimore by 3rd December – sorry about the lack of time but we really wanted to get one more competition in before Christmas. Remember that this will be judged on the same day as the next Beg/Int competition so please be sure that you don’t duplicate entries if you intend to enter the main competition as well. So ‘happy snapping’ while you do the Christmas shopping and good luck.