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Subscriptions 21/22

Just a gentle reminder that all subscriptions were due by 15th July. If you haven’t already made your payment we would be grateful if you could please do so before 31st July when your membership will cease, which I’m sure you don’t want! We continue to be very good value at £63 for the year, which is less than £2 for each weekly meeting.

We have room for more new members to start in September so if you have friends and family who might be interested please spread the word.

Annual membership subscription and UPDATING

As I hope you are aware the Annual Subscription for the club becomes due between 1st and 15th July.

This year we have kept the rate at £63 and both David (Treasurer) and I (Membership Secretary) would be really grateful if all payments could be made between those dates.

If this causes a problem please let me know as soon as possible so that other arrangements can be made.

As usual an email giving the details for payment will be sent out in the coming days but please let me know at if for any reason you do not receive it.

On another point I hope you all realise that you can view and update your personal details on the website. There appear to be one or two gaps where accreditations have been gained but not updated. The committee are not always aware of changes so you do need to let the Membership Secretary know of any changes, especially address, phone and email details. So please check that everything is up to date and let me know of any changes.

Many Thanks

Membership subscription for next season, 2021/22

For those of you who were unable to attend the AGM this is an outline of the details for paying your membership fee for next season.

The good news is that the subs will remain at £63 for this year, rather than the usual addition of a £1 each year. Payment is due on the 15th July and we would be grateful if you could do this between 1st and 15th July and no earlier. If this would cause you a problem please be in touch by email at and we can make a separate arrangement.

I shall send out an email as usual, probably in June, with payment details. As usual payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque sent to the membership secretary but we obviously won’t be available to accept cash this year.

If you do not intend to renew your membership, and I hope this won’t be the case, then please let me know as soon as possible so that we can take on new members this summer. We have spare capacity in the club at the moment so please encourage friends, family or interested parties to be in touch with me via the website membership link.

Unfortunately If we have not heard from you by 31st July then your membership will cease, although I will be contacting any late payers as usual.

Meanwhile have a good summer and enjoy meeting up with old friends.


You will remember that last year members paid an interim £10 subscription for this season. Our treasurer has recalculated the budget for the year and we are now asking for a final payment of £15 please.

You should have received an email from the Membership Secretary detailing and requesting this final payment. THANK YOU to all of you who have responded so far. There are still a number of people who haven’t yet managed to get around to paying, so this is just a gentle reminder that we would appreciate all payments as soon as possible.

In the event that you haven’t received the reminder please contact the membership secretary at or via the CONTACT US button on the website.

The final payment takes into account a rebate of £15 as a bonus for you from last season. Some people did not wish to receive that rebate, in recognition of all the hard work that the committee had put in to maintaining a viable programme last year and have therefore paid a final subscription of £30 – which includes a donation to the club of the £15 rebate. VERY MANY THANKS to everyone who has done that. It is of course entirely voluntary.

Standing Orders for subscriptions

Thank you to everyone who has renewed before today’s deadline. We are still a few people short and I would be grateful if you could let me know if you don’t intend to rejoin the club next year. Otherwise  please make your payment of £10 as soon as possible so that you maintain your membership. 

Please, please, please check that your standing order, if you have set one up, is cancelled for this year. Having to refund a payment does make additional work for both the treasurer and myself as we have to contact you for bank details etc. We cannot hold it over to pay for the next instalment of the subscription later in the year. 

If there are any problems with payment then please let me know. Meanwhile stay safe and continue to enjoy the remainder of our Zoom meetings for July.

Subscription reminder

A polite reminder that next Wednesday 15th July is the deadline for paying your interim £10 subscription for next season’s membership of the club. Should you have mislaid the payment details then just get in touch via the membership email address,

Alternatively you can telephone  me on the phone number shown in this year’s pink programme leaflet or use my personal email if you have details.

Thank you to those people who have renewed so far and I hope that more of you will be joining us for next year’s exciting programme of talks and competitions.


Interim Subscriptions for 2020-21 season

Thank you to everyone who has paid the Interim £10 subscription for next season.

For those of you who might have forgotten, been away or lost the personal email that was sent earlier, I would please ask that you make payment in the next two weeks to guarantee your membership for next year. 15th July is the deadline.

As was explained at the AGM the remainder of the subscription will be due at a later date once we are clear as to when we shall be able to offer a full programme of events at the Tangmere Visitor Centre. This will be rebudgeted to take account of the lack of “live” meetings.

If you have lost the details of how to pay etc which was sent out by email please contact and I shall be happy to send out new details for you.

I hope you have been able to take advantage of the extra Zoom meetings that have been running recently as a way of thanking you for your patience in these difficult times. Please also remember that the deadline for submitting your four digital images for the Summer Showcase at the Novium is 10th July.

Have a safe and socially distanced Summer.

new badges for 2019/20 season

New badges are about to be printed for next season for new members and anyone whose badge is not found in the boxes. If you have a badge at home can you let the membership secretary know as soon as possible please so that badges are not duplicated.

Thank you and please reply by email  to  or by replying to this post.

Membership renewal 2019/20

The time has come once again to renew your membership of the Camera Club for next season.

In an attempt to maintain a consistent number of members I would like to ask everyone to pay their subscription a little earlier this year. This will then give us a clearer idea of how many spaces we might have for new members to join us in September. This was discussed at the AGM and the view of the people present was that this would be a sensible way forward. If you weren’t able to attend the meeing and would like to have more details of the reasoning behind this then please look at the recent papers for the AGM.

Membership renewal this year is £62 and I would be extremely grateful if you could make your payment by July 15th. You should receive an email with the details of how to pay by Bank Transfer in the coming days. Cheques can still be sent to my home address which will be on the email, however I shall not be at the last meeting of the season for any more cash payments. If you have a Standing Order set up for later in the year please make sure you amend it for both date and amount as I am sure you would not want to pay twice!

If you do not intend to remain a member for next year then please let me know so that I can start the process of inviting people from the waiting list.

Thank you for your co operation in this matter, it will make my job and that of the Treasurer so much easier than previously.


The end of the season is approaching rapidly and here are a few reminders and requests from the Membership Secretary:

  1. Next year the annual subscription due is £62, an increase of £1 over last year, as was agreed. If you have a standing order set up please remember to change the amount.
  2. If you wish to pay by cash please do so by 16th May. I am also able to accept cheques now or later by post. Details for bank transfers will be sent out to you later.
  3. If you feel that you will not be able to join us again next year for any reason then I would ask you please to let me know as soon as possible so that new members can be invited to join in September. This is particularly relevant this year as we have larger than usual membership numbers and I would like to know how many people from the waiting list I can invite to join us.
  4. Finally if your details, such as email address or phone number, have changed then please let me know.

To contact me you should email

Thank You