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Results of January’s Small Print Competition

Thank you to Sheila, Carol and John for judging the Small Print Competition this month. They chose from fifteen submitted images all of which were of very good quality. They were unanimous in their choice of first place, but there was some discussion over second and third places, so well done to everyone who made it such a close contest.

The results are as follows:

1st place: Tim Crabb with his image “Storm Clouds over the Arun”

2nd place: Tim Crabb with “A Break in the Storm”

3rd place: Guy Partington with “Bath”

Highly Commended: George Sayer with “Icy Leaves”

The last competition of the year will be next month on February 23rd. So entries to me by February 16th please.


Small Print Competition 26th January

Thank you to those people who submitted prints for the 4th round of the small print competition. Because there has been a lack of notice for this month’s competition further entries will be accepted on the day. However in order to be able to mount them before the judging, prints would need to be submitted well before the start of the meeting, preferably between 7 and 7.15. More prints have been promised, so this round will be fiercely contested. Good luck to everyone.

There  will  be one more round this season on 23rd February and then the final selection, from the winning images in all the rounds, will be made in March.



Results of December’s Small Print Competition

Thank you to Peter and the selection committee for judging the prints in my absence. The results are as follows:

1st Place. George Sayer with “Misty Trail”

2nd Place. Tim Crabb with “Pulpit Rock”

3rd Place. Tim Crabb with “Norway Rocks”

Congratulations to the above club class photographers. So far this year we have had entries from 5 photographers in all and it would be great to see some new names on the winning list. Your next opportunity to shine will be on January 26th, so the deadline for prints to be given to me is January 19th. If you are not sure of the rules for the Small Print Competition then they can be accessed on this website in the Club Rules section. It would be lovely to see some wintery Christmas scenes, so use the holiday break to get out there with your camera. Have a good Christmas.

Linda Bullimore

December Small Print Competition. Dec 8th.

December 8th sees the last round of the Small Print Competition for 2016. Would Club Class members please have entries to me by the beginning of our meeting on December 1st, which is next week!

Any club class member can enter even if you haven’t tried out the competition so far this year, provided that you are not a previous overall winner of the annual competition.

Anyone unsure of the rules can access them on the website or ask me, Linda Bullimore, at a meeting.

I look forward to seeing another selection of interesting prints for our selection committee to judge.

Results of the second round of the small print competition

Many thanks to Peter, Carol, Glyn and Sheila for being tonight’s judges. As usual we had a wide variety of prints, all of  which were of a good standard. This month’s winners were:

In first place TIM CRABB with his image of a ROBIN which had all the elements of a good wildlife photograph; a catch light in the eye, an out of focus non-distracting background and good composition. It was very sharp and the judges thought he had tackled a difficult subject very well.


In second place MICK HARRIS with  WATERFALL IN THE YORKSHIRE DALES. The image had been shot with the correct shutter speed to show the movement of the water and had been taken from an unusual viewpoint which directed the viewer to the important part of the image.

and in 3rd place MICK HARRIS with a view of SPINNAKER TOWER in Portsmouth. Again this was a well composed, sharp image with an interesting sky and a good base.

So congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the entrants for supporting this competition and good luck in the future rounds.

The third competition will be on December 8th which is the same day as the first Club/intermediate print competition. Could all entries please be with me, Linda Bullimore, by 1st December. This gives you three weeks to prepare for the next round!


Thank you to all club class members who entered the first round of the competition, especially all the new members. Once again the standard was high and judging proved to be very difficult. However, the final images chosen to be held back for the final were:

1st : George Sayer with his image “Chameleon”

2nd: Tim Crabb with “Turkish Market Stall Holder”

3rd: Helenka Boden with “The Feathered Eye”


Well done to these new members and just a reminder that images for the next round of the competition need to be with me, Linda Bullimore, by 3rd November which is only two weeks away.


The second round of the small print competition will be judged on 10th November, so could I please ask for all entries to be with me by the start of the previous meeting on Thursday 3rd November.

This another chance to be chosen to go into the final round next March and is open to all club class members in the print section. So if you missed round 1 then now’s your chance to make amends!


Just a reminder that your 3 images should have a name and title on the reverse, preferably on a sticky label to avoid damaging your print. If you are still unsure of the rules then they can be accessed here under COMPETITIONS SECTION then COMPETITION RULES: Revised May 2016


Calling ALL club class members.

Just a reminder that next Thursday 6th October is the deadline for entries into October’s SMALL PRINT competition, open to all club class members except previous winners. Three images may be entered with your name and image title on the reverse (be careful not to damage your print or to use a pen that transfers easily to other photographs) It will be judged on Thursday 13th October by members of the selection committee.

A brief explanation of the rules for the benefit of NEW MEMBERS : Prints must be 7″ by 5″ or less and unmounted. The competition gives a gentle introduction to camera club competitions but does not exclude you from also entering the main club competitions, but with different images. There will be no scores and 3 winners will be chosen to go forward into the final competition in the Spring to decide an overall winner for the year. Prints can be straight from the camera or use  minimal digital manipulation, such as exposure and basic colour correction. However cloning etc is not allowed, although a very small amount of cropping is OK. Your prints can be from negatives or digital files and can be commercially printed at outlets such as Boots or Jessops. You may also print your own if you have the facilities. A full set of rules can be found on the ‘Competition Rules’ tab on the website.

I should be grateful if all images could be given to me before the start of the meeting on 6th October so that I can display them in the small hall to be admired by everyone at the coffee break. If you have any problems getting images to me then please feel free to contact me via the details on the programme card so that we can arrange something.

Hoping to see lots of new and exciting images. LINDA BULLIMORE.



The first round of the SMALL PRINT (previously ENPRINT) competition will take place on 13th October. All Club Class members who would like to enter should let me have a maximum of three 7″by5″ or smaller prints by the start of the meeting on OCTOBER 6TH so that they can be displayed then.

For the benefit of new members here is a brief resume of the requirements; the full rules are available in the COMPETITION RULES section of this website. The competition is designed to give new members (and old) a different, less stressful way of presenting their work at the club. Prints do not need to be mounted and can be straight from the camera. A small amount of digital manipulation is allowed but only minimal cropping and the use of tools such as exposure compensation and colour correction. Images can be printed commercially (e.g. Jessops or Boots) or you can print your own. There is no set theme this month but there might be in future months. We do need you to put your name and a title for the image on the reverse, but be aware that some pens can transfer ink onto your other prints so the best method is a small stick on label. Three winners will be chosen and a brief written feedback from the judges  (members of the selection committee) will be given. These images will be held back for the final competition in April when the final winners will be chosen. Those three prints will be eligible for automatic entry into the Annual Exhibition in August and there is a small cup for the winner. The only people not allowed to enter are previous winners and of course Intermediate and Advanced members. One word of warning, if you have a wonderful print that you think you would like to enter into the main club competition then do not enter it into the Small Print competition as an image can only be used once in any competition in the season.

This competition gives you a chance to measure your work against others in an anonymous setting,  without marks or comments. However should you require feedback or advice then there are plenty of experts in the club who will be willing, on the day, to speak to you, just ask me if you need pointing in the right direction.

So you still have two weeks to go out with your camera or sort out some images from the back catalogue that most of us have acquired over the years.

I am looking forward to seeing all your images soon

Linda Bullimore