Annual General Meeting 18th May 2017

Preparations for the Club’s forthcoming AGM are well underway with some important dates coming up.  Any proposals to be considered by the AGM must be with Liz Boden, our Secretary, by the 27th April, duly set out and seconded.  Please note that this refers only to proposals that would bring a formal change to the Club’s operations – if there suggestions, questions or thoughts you would like aired this can be done in the discussion and questions section at the end of the meeting.

Nominations for Club management committee and post-holders also have to be received by 27th April – Dave Abbott will be ensuring these are collected and if you have any questions about these do please see Dave.  This year, following the sad death of our long-time President, Jeanne Bevis, this will include the election of the President.

Papers for the AGM will be sent out electronically on the 4th May (there is no Club meeting then due to local elections).  This will be via the Club’s normal newsletter system – do please print your own copy of the papers and read them prior to the meeting. You can find the Club’s constitution which governs the Club’s running and the AGM here.  CCC_CONSTITUTION_APRIL_2015

The agenda will follow our recent practice so as well as the formal business of the minutes from the 2016 AGM, accounts and Club elections, there will be a review of the year and a look forward to the next season. The meeting is an important moment in the Club year giving a opportunity to find out more about the behind the scenes business as well as a social occasion so do please come along.

Lorna Brown – Chair

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