Annual Exhibition – clarification

For the absence of doubt, please note that you can enter prints or PDIs that you have already used for the Spring Exhibition or North Mundham. You cannot use any image you have previously used in an Annual Exhibition.

The full guidance (via the link) states: –

An image can only be used once in an Annual Exhibition. The same image may not be entered as both a print and a PDI. You can enter images that you have previously entered in the Club’s internal competitions or work you have not shown before. However, any image that has been entered in a previous Club Annual Exhibition may not be used again for this purpose.

The summary published more recently was ambiguous in that it said no image previously used in an exhibition could be used, but failed to make clear that refers only to the Annual Exhibition.

To also answer another question, as you can see in the paragraph above, you can use images that have previously been used in competitions, or indeed that you plan to use in future.

The featured image Waiting to Take off is by Sarah Nichol

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