Annual Exhibition 2017 from 5 to 12th August

The Annual Exhibition 2017 will open from 5 to 12 August this year at the Assembly Room, North Street, Chichester.

This note is to remind members that the deadline for both Print and PDI entries is Thursday 27 April.

Guidance Notes for entrants

Arrangements for the Club’s Annual Exhibition 2017 are well underway. The success of the exhibition relies heavily on the support of Club members to volunteer a small amount of their time during the exhibition week to help with stewarding as well as in the kitchen


The link above takes you to the details of the tasks to be covered.

If you wish to enter the exhibition, please register all your entries via Photocomp.

Boxes will be out on the stage every Thursday evening to receive Members’ Print entries up until 27 April. Please make sure you place your Prints in the correct box, which are labelled Club Class, Intermediate Class and Advanced Class.

I will shortly be asking Members to assist with the stewarding of the exhibition and will circulate a rota and would be very grateful for your support. In addition, the kitchen will be open for sale of refreshments (teas, coffees and cakes) throughout the exhibition and Carmel Lynch has agreed to organise this. A separate rota for the kitchen will also be circulated.

Should you have any queries, please contact Wojtek Boden, Exhibition Secretary