A thank you from Glyn

70th Birthday Wishes

A big ‘thank you’ to the many, many, members who signed my 70th card and wrote such touching messages. It is very much appreciated and also a ‘thank you’ to the lady who pulled it all together, I think I know who you are …

I’m a great believer in celebrating birthdays – ignoring the numbers if they bother you. Time really does march on but it’s thought provoking to realise that I’ve been a member of our wonderful Club for 40% of my years on the planet. And I joined only three years into my photographic life having become a member of the IBM (South Hants) Camera Club in the autumn of 1987. It is a great organisation, a somewhat extended family, and it is very valuable to celebrate the good times and get the support needed in times of illness or when members are called to that great darkroom in the sky.

So thank you all, I really was most touched.

Glyn Edmunds

Glyn Receiving the Darley Cup from RPS President, Walter Benzie, for Best Pictorial Image in the 2016 – 2017 Annual Exhibition 

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