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3rd Enprint Competition Deadline

Just a brief reminder that the deadline for entries to the next round of the Enprint Competition is this Thursday December 3rd 2015. The theme is “The British City” and images will be judged on December 10th. If you could let me have prints as soon as possible before the start of the meeting then perhaps we can all look at them in the refreshment break.

3 thoughts on “3rd Enprint Competition Deadline

  • Bill Harding

    Hi Linda,
    Regret that I shall be unable to submit photos for the 3rd enprint competition as I have no time left.
    I’m still not getting liz or your emails, it is very odd as everyone else is getting through OK. Perhaps you could send me a test email to see if we can make contact.

    Best regards,
    Bill Hardnig

    • Linda Bullimore

      Hi Bill
      Below is a copy of the last email I sent to you that you have been unable to access. I have now sent off your prints and I hope the information below is still of use to you. Let me know by email when you have read this reply and then I can delete these comments from the website. I am about to send a test email to you at 6pm Wednesday evening so let me know whether you can receive it. Have you checked your spam folder?

      “The deadline for the next Enprint Competition is this Thursday 3rd December and the theme is “THE BRITISH CITY”. The images will be judged on 10th December. If you look on your green camera club programme then you will find all the dates for both the main competitions and the enprint competition. The deadline for submission of enprints is always 1 week before the competition.

      If you no longer have a green club calendar then I’m sure one can be picked up at Tangmere when you are next there.

      Alternatively you can use the website where you can access the information. Details can be found under the COMPETITIONS tab and then COMPETITION NEWS where I post details of all the upcoming enprint competition dates, deadlines and results. The dates for main competitions is also found there under KEY COMPETITION DATES.

      Your enprint entries so far are China Seat, Liquid Lunch, Hong Kong Mist, Molly and Hawk, Scottish Brook and Jujitsu demonstration. For the projected digital images you also entered Autumn Leaves and Mirrored Boat plus one other that I do not have a print for. I have the prints ready to send off at the moment.

      I thought you might like to know the feedback given for your winning two entries last time.
      CHINA SEAT: A very good quality image. Nothing would need to be improved if you want to enter it into the main print competition next season.
      LIQUID LUNCH: Very different and unusual. This is a difficult type of image for a Beginner to tackle.

      FUTURE DATES: 4th Enprint Competition 21st January. 5th Enprint Competition 25th February. Enprint of the year 19th March, where the best three out of all the winning images will be chosen. Remember, entries 1 week before please.

      I hope this helps and do post images to me for Thursday if you wish. Regards Linda. Please acknowledge receipt of the email so that I know it has not gone astray.

      By the way this is a copy of the email that should have been sent/passed on to you by the mentors and I believe Liz spoke to you about this at the Digital group meeting. Apologies if the information was not clear.”

  • Bill Harding

    Dear Linda,

    Many thanks for this info, I have no idea why your emails are not getting through, but this has cleared up the questions I had about submissions.
    Best regards,
    Bill H

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