2019/20 CCC Camera club Trophy Winner Results

I’m delighted to announce the winners of the following cups for last season. While the normal procedure for the Coath and Edmunds Cups is by a members vote,  due to the current lockdown situation it has not been possible for this to take place. On that basis the management committee and the President unanimously agreed that the two recipients are very worthy winners.

Lankaster Cup for Club PDIs                                                        Kevin Macknay

Sutherland Cup for Int PDIs                                                          Brian Muir

Hackett Cup for Adv PDIs                                                               Andy Dulson

Waddington Cup for PDI of the Year                                        Jean Brooks

Brierly Cup for Club Prints                                                             Graham Ainge

Simox Cup for Int Prints                                                                    Andy Bracey

Postma Cup for Adv Prints                                                               Lorna Brown

Coath Cup for Best or Most Improved Photographer     Frank Adams

Edmunds Cup for Services to the Club                                      Jeff Owen

Ada Tyler Cup for the Small Print Comp                                   Martin Lloyd

Congratulations to them all and I hope the presentations will take place at the first opportunity we can meet at Tangmere.



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