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1st Beginner Print Competition

The scores from the competition held on 10th December 2015 were:

First Name Last Name Title Score
Mem Baybars Watchful Eyes 8.5
Mem Baybars Magic of the Sea 7
Mem Baybars Fading Glory 7
Wojtek Boden DSC2858 Cooling Off 9.5
Wojtek Boden DSC01937 Night Train 10
Wojtek Boden P5303609 Queenie on the Mountain 8.5
Edgar Feldmanis Gateway to the Brooks 8
Edgar Feldmanis Sunrise 10
Edgar Feldmanis Swan Reflections 8.5
Justin Hadley No Fishing Today 9
Justin Hadley Time to Go 7.5
Justin Hadley View to Kingswear 7.5
Caroline Marshall Sunny Brushstroke on Meadows 8.5
Caroline Marshall Kerry Gold 8
Caroline Marshall Room for Improvement 10
Corinne Noyalet And the Train Goes by 8.5
Corinne Noyalet Going Down the Rock 8
Corinne Noyalet Flower in the Vase 8
Terence Powling Time Piece 9
Terence Powling Quiet Piazza (Venice) 9.5
Terence Powling Neon Afterimage 9.5