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Digital Group Meeting 24th Nov


Please find some notes from Ross following his tutorial to the Digital Group on 24th November

Subject: Photo For the Digital Group.

Basic setup.
Requires no high speed shutter.

Create a mini studio on a solid base.

Camera Setting:
Set camera to manual
Set Flash to Manual
Set camera timer to 10sec run out of the dimly light room.
Exposure 2sec and rear curtain flash synk (Reduces shutter vibration)
Adjust flash power and aperture for exposure.

More defusing (Kitchen Towel) on main flash heads will soften the shadows.
If you are stacking, this is achieved by sliding the camera along the Arca Swiss rail using the printed scale.
The final image was created with filters in Photoshop (background only) the butterfly was masked off and remains untouched.
Set one of the main flash heads 1-2 stops higher than the other to create shadowing and visual depth.

Use Arca Swiss comparable slides, supports camera plates and clamps.
Also Hejnar Photo
Articulated flash gun support arms
Backgrounds must be non resin coated paper.

19 copy

Ross Laney

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