Weekly Update

Thank you, to those of you who could, for attending the AGM on Thursday.   It may not be the most entertaining meeting of the year, but it is crucial for the ongoing administration of the Club.  Most importantly, it covers the election of the officers and post holders for next season as well as discussing important issues such as the next season’s budget and membership fee.  A quorum for this annual meeting is 25% of the membership, which meant we needed 33 members to be present, for it to be valid. We welcomed 51members, just under 40% of the membership on the evening.

There was a vote of thanks to all those who devote so much time selflessly to make the Club work.  Thank you to our retiring President, David Abbott, for the way he is always well informed, intervenes when necessary – and for his wonderfully dry sense of humour. Special thanks also went to retiring Selection Committee Chair Pietro Rocchiccioli for his considerable input over the past years and David Harris, for being the Treasurer for the past 10 years, keeping the books impeccably, while producing some amazing images. Others who work tirelessly to make the club such a success are of course all the post holders, especially those who picked up roles at short notice, in unexpected circumstances. Lastly, but by no mean least, thanks go to members of the management committee. It is a long list, impossible to mention everyone by name. This in itself demonstrates the success of Chichester Camera Club by the way that members get involved.  Thank You

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