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Weekly update

On Thursday we hosted the 3rd round of the SCPF print competition, where the 8 clubs in our division (1st) each submit 8 images for review by different judges over 8 rounds. The judge this time was in the familiar form of Ken Scott, who is also Judging Advisor to the SCPF. Our entry was placed second, only half a point behind New Forest Camera Club. Ray Acland’s ‘Hill Head’ and Guy Turner’s ‘Pictures in pictures’ were both highly commended, so particular congratulations to them. After the first 3 rounds, we are in second place overall, with New Forest continuing to lead.The next round will be on 9th January and hosted by Winchester PS. The featured image is Jim Munday’s impressive ‘Storm Noa at Newhaven’, which is another of CCC’s entries and scored 9.

The Print Group will meet at Tangmere on Tuesday 12th December. Please bring your prints and the associated RAW/JPEG file, so they can be compared and the prints constructively critiqued. Anyone wanting help with printing will be very welcome.

Next Thursday (14th) will be the Xmas Bash PDI knockout competition, followed by a brief update on the New Park cinema programme and then general festivities. Please bring nibbles, mince pies and the like.

Please remember to bring any used printer-ink cartridges for the Macmillan charity collection box and any surplus warm clothing, especially coats, for the refugees.

The deadline for entries in the 2nd Club/Intermediate print competition is 4th January so if you are going to be away then, be sure to bring them this Thursday. And don’t forget to send the associated PDIs!

The Novium Museum have a large collection of items relating to the Shippams factory, formerly in East Street and have been awarded Arts Council funding for an exhibition. They have asked to partner with the club in photographing various aspects of the collection. If this project could be of interest to you, please let me know at

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