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Thursday 9th November

It’s always a pleasure to have Chris Palmer with us, whether as a speaker or, as last night, as a judge for the first of the print competition rounds with the Advanced prints.  That’s not least because he’s always so very complimentary about the Club!  He told us that a visit to Chichester was akin to a trip to a Michelin starred restaurant as he always knew the menu would be interesting and of a high standard.  And as Stephen Marsh said in his vote of thanks, we were pleased we had presented him with plenty to tickle his palate.

That said, Chris is a very thorough judge and his comments and analysis of our work were highly informative. Chris is a very highly experienced judge, both at club level and on the PAGB circuit, where he holds both a DPAGB and an APAGB for services to photography, right up to international level.  With his Fellowship of the RPS and an EFIAP he’s also a very successful and enthusiastic photographer whose pleasure in photography shines thorough into his enjoyment of seeing the work of others.

Chris recognises the element of subjectivity in judging, but as you can see from his top scoring images (below) had a wide range of genres that met his high technical and aesthetic  standards.  I was of course delighted with his positive response to my Rain Clearing Luskentyre but the evening has to go to Phil Shaw.  Phil’s a new member and a superlative natural history photographer who took three perfect tens  for his wonderful images.  Well done Phil!

With good reports back from the external competitions, both the first round of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation league and the Sussex Photographic Federation (reported fully on separate posts) and Guy Partington’s good showing in the Small Print Competition (also reported separately) it was a very competition-orientated evening!

Phil Shaw’s Pied KingfisherPhil Shaw’s Little Bustard Display FlightPhil Shaw’s Walking with IntentSheila Tester’s Mycena with SpiderGeorge Atkin’s Back Street PoacherLorna Brown’s Rain Clearing Luskentyre

One thought on “Thursday 9th November

  • Glyn Edmunds

    Yep, good night all round. Sorry Rocky missed it, but he may not have enjoyed a 6, 6.5 & 8 !

    Chris was actually with us long enough this time to relax a little. Like Leigh he is another manic individual who is a real worrier.

    He did leave his toothbrush charger with us, but also a copy of his lovely Icelandic Ponies print. One you may know and has appeared in a Fotospeed catalogue. One of the benefits of hosting judges and lectures.

    We didn’t previously have one of Chris’s prints on our walls (we have 100+ !), and I was about to ask him if we might have one. He was ahead of us and produced his print. Psychic, as it was the one I would have asked for.

    We saw his fabulous F panel a couple of years back, but it was a shame no one else made his talk @ Havant. All new work, post Fellowship, and quite stunning.


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