Small Print Competition

1st Place ‘Golden Shoes’ Lesley Garwood

2nd Place ‘Archway to Penance’ Phoebe Hamilton

3rd Place ‘Old Town, Bol Croatia’ Vince Lavender

Highly Commended

‘Tranquility’ Lesley Garwood

The judging and results for the 4th round of the SPC were announced at the Developers group

on Monday 19th February. Thank you to all of those who took part and Congratulations to the winner,

Lesley Garwood, whose image ‘Golden Shoes’ is shown above.

The closing/ Submission date for the 5th Round is Thursday 7th March with judging and results

announced on Monday 18th March at the Developers group. Keep sending those prints in……..

( you have to be in it to win it ).

Many thanks to John Howes for the judging.

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