Shippam’s archive

As previously reported, we have been approached by the Novium Museum for help in photographing their extensive archive from the former Shippam’s factory in central Chichester. They have written as follows:

‘The Novium Museum has been awarded a grant to unlock the advertising archive of the former local family-run business, Shippam’s. The project will culminate in a headline exhibition at the museum.  Established in 1750, Shippam’s was a beloved, employer in Chichester, whose success and popularity spread worldwide. The project will explore how family and community shaped one of the best loved 20th century brands through digitisation, oral histories, a public engagement programme, and exhibition. 

The Shippam’s collection held at the museum consists of over 700 items from the companies iconic advertising archive, hundreds of photographs, ephemera, objects relating to life in the factory and archaeology recovered from an excavation of the old factory site in 2005. A Shippam’s digitisation project has been created so that eventually the catalogue will have links to the photographs that can be seen within the record, and a database that can be easily accessed for reproduction. We will also be using some of the photography within the graphics of the exhibition.

This project will therefore involve the photography of the 3D objects within the Shippam’s social history collection, and the museum welcomes the expertise and experience of photographing 3D objects to a high standard for the above uses.’

David Harris has kindly agreed to lead the project for the Club and we are looking for volunteers to participate. As well as needing experienced photographers, it may be of particular interest to members of the Developers’ Group, as it will provide an opportunity to learn and practice new skills such as lighting and focus stacking. If you might be interested, please let me know at . We will then have an initial meeting with the museum staff to discuss logistics.

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