Jon and Joan Barham would like to change the display at the Hospice at the beginning of November and need a new set of photographs from which we can choose the 32 pictures that are required to put up along the corridors.
The photographs will stay at the Hospice until February 2017 when the display is changed again, but should anyone need a print returned earlier contact Jon/Joan and the photo will be returned to you and replaced with an alternative.
Have Handbag will travel by Jeff Owen
Boxes for prints will be out at the Club on the next 2 Thursdays i.e. 27th October and 3rd November.  Please support the Club by bringing along your pictures; the display of these photographs is really well received and brings a lot of pleasure to all the people at the Hospice and they are very grateful to the club for allowing them to have this on-going display.
Thank you for your help.  Jon and Joan look forward to coming to club on the 3rd November and finding the boxes overflowing with beautiful pictures!!!