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Developers Group Postponement of Bracklesham Photoshoot

Sorry to have to do this but the weather forecast for Saturday is dire all day so we are postponing the Bracklesham photoshoot.  I know that rain can add atmosphere but there seems no sense in probably getting drenched.

The event is postponed to Saturday, October 17.  Low water will be around 17.40 at 0.2m and sunset at 1800.  A start time of 4pm is still appropriate.

I do hope that all of you will still be able to make it. 

Mike Hancock/Andy Bracey

Developers Group Photoshoot 3rd October

The Newsletter of 10th September set out the details of a proposed photoshoot for the Developers Group at Bracklesham Bay on Saturday 3rd October. We will meet in the beach car park at Bracklesham Bay (PO20 8JH) at about 4pm with a short walk to the water line so we should be taking pictures by 4:30.

I mentioned in that Newsletter that those interested could either let me know now or simply turn up on the night. 3 members expressed an early interest: Zelinda de Cruz, Lorraine Short and Jane Webster and more may wish to follow.

Since the date of that Newsletter the rule of 6 has been introduced by the Government, both for meetings indoors and outdoors, so it is important that anyone intending to come gives me prior warning so the rule of 6 requirements are followed. We can take up to 10 to be split in 2 separate groups of 5/5 between Andy Bracey and myself.

I assume ZZ, Lorraine and Jane are still intending to come (if not please let me know) and if anyone else is interested please contact me by 1st October at the latest.

Don’t forget your tripod and wellies.

Mike Hancock (


A seascape photoshoot meeting will be held on Saturday 3rd October for the Developers Group i.e. those members in the Club class.  We will meet in the main beach car park at Bracklesham Bay (PO20 8JH) at 4pm then there is a short walk to the water line so we should be able to be taking pictures by 4:30 at the latest. 

Low water will occur at 1848 and the tide is low at 0.8 on 3rd October so we will have the opportunity to take atmospheric photos of the groyne lines leading to the basket marker as the sea recedes and we can use the beach and/or water lines to fill in the texture around the groynes.  Sunset is at 1837 on that date so low water and possible sunset should produce good photo opportunities.  Even if there no sun cloud formations can be quite spectacular at Bracklesham

Attached to this post are some images by Andy Bracey to show what can be achieved.  Please bring your tripod if you have one and some wellies.  Andy and I will meet you in the car park so we can discuss possibilities before we walk to the shore.

It would be helpful to know how many might be interested in attending (e mail but if you prefer to wait until the day and then just turn up that is also fine.

Our usual Developers group programme is based in the main on indoor meetings but as that may be some way off we felt a photoshoot would be a good way to start.  Depending on the level of interest and views of participants other photoshoots could be arranged.


AGM Reminder

The AGM will be held at 7:30 this coming Thursday 21st May. All the papers were circulated to members individually and the recent Newsletter of 5th May provided a link to Dropbox where all the papers are stored.

The quorum for the AGM is a minimum of 36 members and the access codes to log onto the Zoom meeting are listed under the ‘Programme’ part of the website. Please make every effort to log on.

I hope to see as many of you as possible on Thursday

Papers for AGM

Everyone should have received an email giving details about the AGM. This will be held via a Zoom conference call at 7:30pm on Thursday 21st May 2020. There are 9 papers for the meeting and these were all attached to the email sent to you yesterday.

Some members may find it easier to access this material via Dropbox and all the attachments can be found by clicking the link below –

Please make every effort to attend the Zoom meeting so that we meet quorum requirements and can take decisions on all the matters under consideration.

Login details to access the meeting will be sent out nearer the time.

Club Flickr Activity

The Club has had a successful of re-start to using its CCC Flickr Group page, with a number of members linking in and submitting images over the last two weeks. The first Fortnightly Photo Theme ended with some good wrap-up thoughts from the guest commentator, Jan Davis.
The 2nd Fortnightly Photo Theme round, “Bloomin’ Marvelous”, is now open for members to submit floral-related images, ranging from garden scenes to still-life of flowers, blossoms and so forth. Ideally, the images are from this year.
A new thread has been posted, called Creative Challenge. This round is “Photography Imitates Art”. The idea is for photographers to interpret one or more known pieces of artwork into a photogrpah of their own. The original and the member’s creation should be shown side-by-side for viewers to appreciate.  Creations can be serious re-interpretations to parody.  
Both threads will run in parallel for the next two weeks. 
No image on these threads is being judged — it’s for all friendly enjoyment!
Everyone has the choice to participatie in either one or both of them, and to share more than one image. 
For anyone who has not yet joined us on the Club’s Flickr site, you are very welcome to participate regardless of skill level. We see this as a very useful image exhibiting platform for Club members, especially during this lockdown period.Our site’s admin. team are available to help with any IT questions.

AGM 21st May 2020

The AGM will be held at 7:30 pm on Thursday 21st May. The original idea was to hold the meeting via correspondence but with all of us getting technologically competent with Zoom it will be held as a virtual meeting with full participation and discussion and the proceedings recorded. Papers will be circulated to members by the beginning of May at the latest.

There is provision within the Constitution for members to make their own proposals for inclusion in the AGM Agenda. All such proposals must be submitted to the Secretary in writing, not later than 21 days before the AGM date, duly signed by both proposer and seconder.

You will be aware that at the EGM held on 21st November 2019 it was agreed that the quorum for an AGM would be 25% of the registered membership (currently 37) so please make every effort to log in and attend. Further details to follow.

Revised Summer ProgrAmme

Many thanks to Mike Harris and Jeff Owen for putting together and delivering our first on -line full Club meeting yesterday. There were 46 Members who overcame the mysteries of Zoom to participate and discuss potential progamme subjects while we are all in lockdown and all were asked to consider and let us know if you have any other suggestions of what we might do. Mike reported on the detail of all this in the last Newsletter.

Mike has now been able to finalise speakers and dates for our revised summer programme and this will be as follows:

April 16th        Janey Devine,        ‘Celebrating British Life Today’.
April 23rd        Live Club/Inter PDI Competition – judge Daan Olivier

30th April John Bradshaw – title to be determined
May 14th        Glyn Edmunds        ‘From Analogue to Instagram with Huawai’.
May 21st        AGM
May 28th        Pete Bamforth        ‘O to be in Scotland now that Covids Here’.    

All will be delivered on-line through Zoom. This platform is being used extensively by many organisations as a cheap and effective way of conducting meetings on-line though there are some security and privacy issues that are raised from time to time. It is very important therefore that if you choose to participate in Zoom meetings that you ensure your computer system anti-virus systems are effective and up to date and specifically please read the new Security Notice found at the top of the Home Page on the Club website

In addition to main Club meetings on Thursdays we are also offering sub group meetings: a very successful PAGB group meeting was held on 6th April, Richard Ryder has written a separate post on the next Digital group meeting included in this Newsletter and further events are planned for the Print group and possibly others. Do participate to make the very best of this dreadful lockdown situation.

More Club SUccesses

Despite the Coronavirus, judging of the SCPF Leagues took place due to Jean Brooks efforts and are now published  and I am pleased to say that  Chichester CC did rather well:

We won the Print League: 1st place Chichester with 49 points; 2nd Southampton with 48 points; 3rd Basingstoke with 46 points.

The Club came 2nd in the PDI League: 1st New Forest with 60 points; 2nd Chichester with 55 points; 3rd Winchester with 44  points.

Well done to all those members who supplied images and to the Selection Committee for choosing the most appropriate images to maximise our chances of success.