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Developers Group

The next meeting of the Developers Group will be held in the Small Hall on Monday 18th February starting at 7:30pm. All Club class members are welcome. In the first half Heather Buckle will lead a discussion on Black and White photography based on her superb images of ballet dancers and the recent image of the Tate Modern which got a 10 in the last Intermediate Print competition. The 2nd half will focus on night photography. It should be a good evening so do make an effort to attend

Competition Certificates of Merit – Members Views Sought

I announced at the last meeting that we have been considering possible changes to the procedures for issuing Certificate of Merit certificates in both PDI and Print competitions.  The current policy is that Certificates are printed and distributed to all members obtaining marks of 9, 9.5 and 10 in both PDI and Print competitions.  They are given to members publicly on the first Club meeting after the competition but if recipients are not present they are then distributed informally at meetings thereafter.  The present review has been actioned because many members do not seem very interested in picking up Certificates at all (often up to one third are never claimed) and after one recent competition the Print Secretary had to print 35 Certificates of Merit, at least half of which were never claimed.

In considering this situation the Management Committee appreciated that for some members receiving Certificates is very important, recognising their considerable work and achievement, but for others it is of little significance.  The following alternative options were suggested on which members views are now being sought:

  1. That printed Certificates are produced by the Print/PDI Secretaries and distributed only for those scoring 10 marks in both Print and PDI competitions;
  2. That Certificates are produced only for those scoring 10s in Print competitions where they can be attached to the back of the relevant print, but not for PDIs;
  3. That Certificates be produced for all scores of 9, 9.5 and 10 electronically but be made available only on the Website so that members who want them can print their own
  4. That the current policy and practice remains unchanged.

The Management Committee always seeks to manage in the best interests of the Club as a whole and by supporting the majority of members’ views and priorities.  I would be grateful to receive members’ comments on these 4 options within the next 2 weeks and in the light of responses received the matter will be considered further at the next Management Committee meeting on 11th March.  Any changes would not be implemented until the 2019 -20 Programme Year.

Please reply to


 Next Thursday, 14th Feb, is the deadline for this season’s Small Print Competition so please bring your photographs to Club and give them to Guy Partington.  This will be your last chance to enter.  If you don’t enter this time, you will have to wait until October.  (With apologies that this is also the deadline for the PDI competition).  All the winning images will be judged on 14 March.  Many thanks to all the Club class members who have entered their photographs this year. Best of luck. Cheryl Marshall 

Chair’s Evening 31st January 2019

The Chair’s Evening will comprise 2 parts.  In the first half Mike will give a presentation on some of the people and places he has encountered in his photography, reflecting a very personal approach to what he is seeking to achieve and the enjoyment that has produced.

Geographically,  the images will cover several continents and cover some of the moments ‘that took the breath away’.  Inevitably sport will also feature, covering both the challenges of trying to get good images and the sheer enjoyment of being there at major sporting occasions.

The second half, by way of complete contrast, will be a presentation by one of this year’s new members, Alan Frost. 

He is a long standing member of Havant Camera Club, recently having gained an ARPS qualification for his beautifully composed and sensitively produced Black and White images.  Alan comes to Chichester with the aim of developing yet further his already considerable photographic expertise.

The emphasis will be on having a fun evening and I hope including something for everyone’

4th Small Print Competition Results

Congratulations to the winners of the 4th Round of the Small Print Competition held last evening:
1st Jem Berry with ‘Wet Christmas’2nd Jonathan Fiske with ‘Light One For Me’3rd Jonathan Fiske with ‘Pouty Madame’
Thank you to the Club Class members who continue to supply such high quality images for our judges to choose between (and thank you to our judges of course!).  The 5th and final round is on 21 Feb, the deadline for which is 14 Feb when Guy will be collecting your entries as it’s my birthday and I will be away.  All the winning entries from each round will be judged on 14 March to find the ultimate winner.   The three overall winning images will be enlarged and included in the Summer Exhibition.  This will be your last chance to enter this year and remember, only the names of the winners are displayed, so don’t be shy…  

Meeting of Developers Group

7:30pm on 21st January 2019

The next meeting of the Developers Group will be held in the Small Hall at 7:30pm on Monday 21st  January 2019. 

The first part of the evening will be a discussion on how to mount prints.  Linda Bullimore will bring her cutting board, as will others, and demonstrate how to achieve consistently good results which will show your images to their very best effect.  Linda will also provide some notes on the techniques used. 

The second half of the evening will be a presentation by Martin Willard ( Club level member) on how he has used Photoshop Elements 11 (Light Room has similar facilities)  (specifically the techniques covered in the October 2018 meeting) to improve a number of his own images. The presentation will be emailed out to attendees after the evening.

Numbers attending this sub group have been disappointing to date so it would be helpful if as many Club members as possible could attend on Monday to demonstrate your commitment to the continuing viability of this initiative

Don Baldwin

One of our long standing members, Don Baldwin,  unfortunately is back in hospital.  He is currently in St Richards, Wittering Ward.  I am sure it would cheer him up to receive some visits during the day from his friends in the Club.  We all send our best wishes and hope for an improvement soon.