PAGB Results

The Club performed very strongly in the recent PAGB Cup and Trophy competitions. Individual scores, from a maximum of 15, are listed below. Congratulations to all the photographers – particularly to Ann McDonald, Andy Dulson and Julia Wainwright for their 14s.

The GB Cup for Nature 2024 PDIs

Ann McDonaldHelvella Crispa In Slindon13
Ann McDonaldPelican Takeoff13
Ann McDonaldNutcracker Fight14
Christopher GledhillLooking Up13
Ian RobertsRoller Bird with Common Lizard13
Ian RobertsHawfinch Argument13
Jim MundayFemale Chaffinch13
Jim MundayCuckoo with Caterpillar13
John LarryAraneus Diadementus with Food Sacs13
Julia WainwrightThe Snarling Hyena13

The GB Cup 2024 open PDIs

Andy DulsonHugues Fabrice Zango14
Andy DulsonTrumaine Jefferson14
Ann McDonaldThe Gatekeeper13
Christopher GledhillWatching the Storm13
George AtkinsOwszat13
Jim MundayEngulfed13
Jim MundayStorm Noa at Newhaven13
Julia WainwrightKicking Up the Dust13
Pietro RocchiccioliMount Fuji on a misty day13

The GB Trophy 2024 both PDIs and Prints

Andy DulsonKurtis Marschall13
Ann McDonaldAll Work Done13
Ann McDonaldGannet Fly Past13
Ann McDonaldPelican Display13
Christopher GledhillBlue Tits at the Water Tap13
Guy TurnerPictures in Pictures13
Julia WainwrightFlying Rugby Tackle13
Julia WainwrightGrasstrack Sidecar Racers13
Julia WainwrightKicking Up the Dust14
Julia WainwrightEuropean Roller Landing13
Julia WainwrightHoopoe Feeding Young14

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