more pagb distinction successes for the club.


I’m delighted to announce that there were four more distinctions for the club at the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit Adjudication in Croyden this weekend. Four members of the PAGB group were successful in gaining their PAGB Awards.

Congratulations to (from left to right)

 Frank Adams CPAGB,   Lynne Owen CPAGB,  Keith Sawyer CPAGB, Ross Laney DPAGB

These are very highly desired distinctions and very difficult to achieve indeed,  requiring a very high standard of photography. Congratulations to all of these talented photographers. Below are some sample images from their successful panels.

The Midas Touch © Ross Laney DPAGB

Cornered © Lynne Owen CPAGB

Machine Man © Keith Sawyer CPAGB

Lindisfarne Castle © Frank Adams CPAGB

Well done Ross, Lynne, Keith and Frank!

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