Local Photographic Workshop 19th October

We have been notified of an outdoor evening photographic workshop.

The event will take place at a vintage fairground in East Hampshire and will centre on taking the more unusual pictures involving the careful balance between flash lighting and the ambient red, orange and yellow tungsten lighting of the rides and stalls. To make the event more interesting, we’ll be employing an experienced fashion model who’ll be wearing a modern wedding dress to give an unusual twist to everyone’s photographs. For all those attending, we’ll be handing out an A4 sized ‘cheat sheet’ on the day to help start people off with some suggested ‘default’ settings.

The cost of attending will be the entrance fee of £17 to the ground plus £25 for our workshop. Each person will need to purchase their own venue ticket when they arrive (or on-line if they prefer).

If anyone needs more information, they are welcome to email or ring us. Our email address is studio2@modelling.org.uk and our ‘phone number is:  07968 245901

Anyone interested please contact studio2 direct

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