Key Fob Holders

The only way to access the Club is via a key fob system; the code access pad no longer works.  10 fobs have been allocated to us by the Village Centre and these are held by: Lorna Brown (Chair); Mike Hancock (Vice Chair); Peter Rocchiccioli (Selection Committee Chair); Ann McDonald (PAGB group); Graham Sergeant (RPS group); Dave Abbott (Digital group); Jeff Owen (IT/ Projector lead) and Graham Walls (meeting layout).  In addition Jan Davis is the holder of a spare and Wojt Boden has a fob on behalf of the Exhibition leads – Iain McGowan, Sarah Nichol and himself.

For those who may need occasional access to the Club you will need to make arrangements to get a fob from one of the named key fob holders and then return the fob after use.



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