Dick Smith

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Richard (Dick) Smith – a lovely man who was a great asset to the Club and who very much appreciated his time with us.

I spoke to his wife, Marilyn, this morning to pass on our condolences. Apparently he had deteriorating kidneys which recently required some dialysis and that put too much of a strain on his heart.

Marilyn has sent me some details about Dick’s funeral to be held at 12 noon on Thursday 2nd April at St Peter’s Church, Selsey (PO20 0NA). She says that all are welcome whether you knew him well or just wanted to pay your respects and please feel free to wear light and cheerful colours as that was his wish.

Afterwards there will be a wake at 5pm at Selsey Golf Club, Golf Links Lane, Selsey (PO20 9DR). Again all are welcome. Ahead of the funeral Marily would welcome any reminiscences or anecdotes that you may have about him or any photos as she hopes to have a display of photos at the event. Perhaps you could channel those through me.

A sad day – he will be much missed.


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  1. I first met Dick at the Selsey Camera Club, before he joined the Chichester Camera Club. We lost touch for a while but recently renewed contact at the Selsey Cricket Club. I had campaigned for the installation of an electronic scoreboard and was given permission to aquire it if I was able to get sponsorship. I managed to persuade Checkatrade to pay for it and we had it installed. However, operating it proved to have its complexities which Dick personally sorted out and he became the expert, and even taught others how to operate it. He would voluntarily come to the Club on match days and score for us. His selfless contribution was much appreciated and the Cricket Club will be forever grateful. He will be sorely missed, not just for his scoring, but also for his kindness, his humour, and his affable personality.

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